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4 Methods To Keep Top Performers Happy

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“Our employees are our most valued asset.“

This motto is generally stamped on most Annual Reports or Employee Handbooks, and while it might not be true for every employee in the organization, it is surely true for your top performers. Those select few members of your organization who are so valuable; you can’t see where your organization would be without them.

With the ever-volatile job landscape and the continuous threat of competitors poaching your top talent, what are some of the methods which you can employ to keep these indispensable assets happy?

#1. Tell them what their work means to the organization

Many organizations are quick to enjoy the fruits of the top talent’s labor, and potentially could offer cash incentives for these ‘jobs well done.’ But some employees are more interested in knowing they are contributing to the company’s success versus receiving a bonus check. These employees are committed to the growth of the organization and feel their jobs have a higher purpose.

To these employees it isn’t all about profit margins and sales projections, it is about knowing they contributed to new job growth, solving real problems with the consumers, or maintaining the company’s culture.

#2. Celebrate the wins

With the continuous “what’s next” mentality seen by Corporate America, we rarely take time to step back and enjoy the wins. This could be something as simple as a customer sending a thank you card to your company, completing an industry training certification, or a successful product launch. Taking a moment to highlight these small accomplishments boosts morale and makes the employees feel that their work is being noticed and appreciated. Celebrating these wins does not need to involve monetary items; it can be as simple as an email to the senior members of the organization acknowledging the win. Chances are your top talent will walk around with their head held high for the rest of the day or week.

You would be surprised how these little acknowledgements can brighten up someone’s day and help with the monotony of the daily grind.

#3. Offer time out of the office to give back to the community

Allow your top talent to take part in community events, charity work, or other philanthropy. Volunteering gives them a sense of goodwill by giving back to the community, as well as getting them out of the office. Help by building a home with Habitat for Humanity, picking up litter around a neglected community park, or even volunteering to speak at a school. These events allow your top talent to be the face of your organization in the community, and allow them to feel good by giving back.

#4. Gift Cards offer your employees a “me” purchase

When one of your top employees does a great job or reaches a goal, most organizations look to incentivize them with monetary gifts. However, since the monetary gift is usually added to a check or deposited directly into a bank account, this is most often forgotten almost immediately. By offering your employee a gift card for a retailer you know they frequent, it shows the employee you listen and understand their likes, as well as forces them to purchase something for themselves.

Keeping your top talent is hard. It requires work to ensure that their morale continues to be high and they are committed to the long-term growth of your organization. Offering incentives like the ones mentioned above shows you understand their contributions to the organization and want to highlight their accomplishments.

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