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3 Magical Mindset Moves

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You generally have a positive mindset, you see the good, the possibilities in things, you achieve (most of ) your goals and overall you are happy.  Your business is ticking along or growing and life is good.


How often have you encountered something difficult and after trying to give it a go for a while you give up, maybe for a while or maybe for good?  You don’t like to go back and think of those things because then you are slipping into negativity and you are a positive person.

Far too often we are told to “keep it positive”, yet if we don’t have some negativity in our lives we are living very unbalanced lives and are either denying what is happening to us or simply ignoring the negative stuff – which will keep floating back to the surface to be dealt with again and again until we DO deal with it.

It might not be the exact same thing occurring over and over, but I’m sure you’ve said to yourself at times “why do I Keep on doing that?!” and wondered how to make the changes.

There are three simple little changes we can implement into our mindset that helps us to move our negativity into positivity and the results we can get can be magical.

# 1. Impossible

How often have you said that something is impossible, only to find that someone else finds it entirely possible?  How did they do that?

First thing they did was change the word:

I’m Possible

By doing this they have told themselves at an unconscious level that they have the possibility to do whatever they previously thought undo-able and then they set about doing it.

# 2. Can’t

My older children used to hate to hear my reply to that when they said it, as my answer has always been:

“Take the T off that and what have you got”, now with my youngest child I also say “Let’s see how we Can

Again it is a subtle mindset move that tells us unconsciously to look for ways to make this thing work for us.  It might not be perfect, but it gets the ball rolling and our problem solving abilities kicked into high-gear.

Often we are astounded that we hadn’t thought of the answers before when they seem so obvious now.

# 3. Too Hard

As busy people we often under-estimate our abilities.  We see something and we think “I can never do something like that, it’s far too hard”.  There are many, many cliches out there to reply to that one, my favourite being:

Q. How do you eat an elephant? – A. Easy! One bite at a time.

By seeing a difficult task as the complete task we can overwhelm ourselves and hit obstacles often.  When we break difficult tasks down into smaller chunks and bite-size pieces we can often work out how to solve that particular part of the problem, which then helps make the next bite-sized chunk easier to manage.

The plus from that is we feel great for having solved part of the puzzle.  Our mindset changes to looking for solutions to the next piece and the next until we have it completed.

It all happens with your mindset first! The moves are easy! The results are magical!  It’s really three simple steps: 1, 2, 3,  that lead to what can seem like magical results.  What steps do you need to take to make your 1, 2, 3, work for your business?

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