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16 Tools for Total Virtualization of Your Business

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The digital age and the advancement of technology transformed many companies around the world into virtual organizations. Virtualization means your company can become a virtual or partially virtual. That means certain operations to be performed without the presence of yourself or one of your employees.

For example, it means to attend a virtual meeting instead of the actual physical meeting.

I met the term “virtual company“ for the first time in a book about management ten years ago. Then I thought how far away are we from all that. However, today it is possible.

There are new technologies every day in the market that can certainly find a place in your company. Business processes are becoming more complex and more demanding. As you walk in the next stages of the life cycle of your business, the complexity of the work is greater. There is also the need of different types of collaboration, outsourcing, virtual assistants and offices.

For that reason, I want to share popular trends and tools that facilitate the operation of the business, thus increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your business processes.

Let’s go!


Gmail – This e-mail service that is truly one of the best out there. There are more integrated tools to organize your e-mails and there is also chat and a video tool – Hangouts.

With Gmail, you can stay connected with your emails wherever you are.

Dimdim – This is a free (basic version) application for web conferencing through which you can show slides, talk through short texts, audio talking via webcam without the need to download an application and store on your computer or laptop.

The free version allows video conferencing up to 10 people. For more you need to upgrade your subscription plan which is $25.

ooVoo – It is a free application for video calls over the Internet with colleagues, family, and friends.

This application is easy to use, easy to install and most importantly it is free. One of the features is that it allows high-resolution video and record your video calls.

SmartHub® – If you have more offices and want to see your employees engaged, communicate benefits and discounts with ease or reward and recognize employees, then SmartHub is a tool for your business.

SmartHub is basically an employee engagement software with innovative features and countless of possibilities to improve employee communication among staff, increase engagement and thus productivity.

Skype – It’s absolutely one of the best communication assets you could have. Skype is a tool that really changed the telecommunications world.

With voice and video calls as well as chat system, file transfers, and conference calls, Skype has become a must-have tool for employees and employers.

Google Groups – Google’s platform can be quite creatively used for business purposes. It can be used to work on different projects where more people will share ideas, comments and suggestions. It can be used to inform the employees or a group of customers for various business news.

Google Docs – In the new version, a special attention is given to the collaboration between a group of people. Now, more people could work on a same document, whether it’s a spreadsheet, text, or a presentation.

Having an Internet means you don’t need to license MS Office, because Google Docs could be a consistent free replacement for your business solutions and in some cases even better. I choose Google Docs over MS Office.

Video/Audio – It is a web application for video blogging and sharing videos over the Internet to the viewers. The basic service is free. You can put your videos which will be available on community and run your blog. You need to sign up and grab your video uploading space on

YouTube – The popular Google’s service is web application that serves for uploading and watching videos.

Your task is to make a video about your product or service, or to show off your expertise by posting videos on YouTube in order to attract viewers. Both applications ( i are an excellent marketing opportunity for your business at a local and global level.

Blog Talk Radio – It’s a social radio network that allows users to host their own radio programs and connect quickly and directly with their audience. By phone and computer can be created free live radio program and call any number of the participants.

What really matters is that the entire program is recorded and can be used on your blog or site.

Data Storage

ADrive – This is a web application that lets you store data from your computer to their servers. If you have no or little space on your hard drive, now you can release up to 50 GB space if you transfer your files to Adrive servers, which is free of charge. On the other hand, you get access to your data from anywhere if you have a computer and Internet connection.

Mozy – This application provides 2 GB online space without paying anything. It allows up to 2 GB online storage and remote backup of your data.

You need to register, download and install the software and select backup files that are stored on your computer.

Dropbox – As a place to securely store a variety of documents, Dropbox is a solid asset for any business. The free version is limited to 2 GB space. Synchronization is available from multiple locations.


Google Calendar – It’s a tool of Google that allows you to set your appointments and activities. Gives an opportunity to be reminded on your e-mail, and to receive SMS reminders to your mobile phone. You can share with your coworkers. Usefulness is greater allowing RSS feed.

SurveyMonkey – It is a web application that will allow you to design online surveys, to disseminate and analyze data from it. The free option restricts you to 100 responses to a questionnaire and 10 questions in the questionnaire. For entrepreneurs, it’s excellent opportunity to explore the local market.

Evernote – A tool that can help you increase your own productivity in terms of ideas or events that are important and want to remember to use in the future. It’s one of the best tools that increase productivity.


Quality strategy and use of these tools can facilitate business life as long as you learn how to use them and find a proper use in your business virtualization efforts. Are you take advantage of these tools or do you some other ones in your arsenal. I like to hear your thoughts.

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