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Why Getting Proper Training For Your Business Is Akin To Having A Personal Shopper

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Think about the last time you went shopping for clothes, electronics, shoes, or computers in your local town or shopping centre. How did you approach the store? Did you know what you wanted in advance, or thought about finding a helpful shop assistant? Lets have a look at how availing of proper training for your business is akin to a having a Personal Shopper.

So you recognize there is a gap in Knowledge, Skill or Attitude in your business. This is known as the KSA learning acronym, integrated into the

Lets have a quick look at a shopping spree for Training:

The Sales

You know vaguely what you need. You enter the store having a “BIG SALE” – 70% off everything! Wow, you are mesmerized. You decide to take the challenge head-on. Heading to the jackets, you find five jackets that are actually quite OK, and one has an extra discount. You find it’s not quite a good fit but cannot turn down a bargain like that.

Home you arrive and try everything on – not bad, you think you may wear 80% of your purchases. In fact you wear 20%, and that jacket? Let’s not mention the jacket!

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Window Shopping

So you’ve learned that the Sales do not always offer the best choice and best value. So you head to town to see the latest styles without committing to anything. You are not going to be had, a second time! So you saunter the streets and arrive home empty handed, except for the latte and 3 magazines you still managed to purchase. Another day gone, and  you have seen what’s there but are no better informed as to your choices of what was inside.


Next day, you feel brave. Yes, the window shopping has helped. You now feel more confident after the Sales disaster. You slide into a Dept Store, all sleek and sure of yourself. You spot the styles you had seen in the window before. Yes, they have your size. Yes, the price is right. So you try it on. It doesn’t quite fit your shape. But the size is right. The price is right. You bring it home, and realize you have nothing from your wardrobe to compliment your new purchase. So you mix and match (can’t be stylish every day!)

Helpful Shop Assistant

You decide, enough money wasted. You return your purchase the following day. While explaining to the shop assistant that the garment doesn’t quite fit, they helpfully suggest you try the normal range as you purchased from the “petite” range. Score, it’s a perfect fit. So a bit red-faced, you exchange the garment and head home to recap.

4 days to finally get the right fit and price. Then you meet a friend, and they tell you your favourite department store provides a personal shopping service.

Personal Shopper

The penultimate of shopping experience. Rewind back four days. You arrive in with an idea of what you need but not sure which products fit that need perfectly. You are aware of the brands, and know that different brands have different sizes and colours. Your Store provides a personal shopping service, for free! Once your needs are deciphered, they walk the floor with you pointing out exactly the sizes, colours, shapes and price that will suit you exactly.

You save time. You save money. You save energy. And you will be back to avail of that service again, and you will recommend it to your friends as a great place to shop!

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Of course we all know that if we really had the money, we would have a live in maid, a driver and our very own personal shopper. But for now, let’s just stay in the real world of small business.

I know I am using this analogy for Training, and this could be applied for any services or products you need for your business. Shop around, talk and listen to your network, and avail of the personal services that any great company will provide as part of their ethos. What kind of shopper are you?

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