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The Business Coalition: Partner To SME’s Expanding In US

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Dennis Warren is a co-founder & president of  business in the United States.

 What was the inspiration for The Business Coalition?

The realization that there are more small to medium companies looking to invest in the US than there are resources available to assist them.  Most of the larger companies can take care of themselves and do not need any assistance.

The small to medium size companies; however, can benefit from a coalition of US business owners who collaborate with State, Federal and foreign consulate offices to see these international companies receive the support they need.  In supporting these companies,our goal is to help create jobs and opportunities here in the US.

The Business Coalition and Dennis Warren

Most of the companies we help start small and look to grow their US operations over time.  As a result, these companies fly beneath the radar screen of most governmental agencies.  Without any outside guidance, these companies often take years to develop or abandon their efforts after several years without success.

What are the aims for TBC?

We strive to accomplish the following:

  • Create jobs and business opportunity in the US by assisting foreign companies in their efforts to invest in the US.
  • Accelerate the time it takes a company to bring their product or service into the US market.
  • Support State and Federal agencies as well as foreign consulate offices in their trade & investment activities.

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What types of businesses work with TBC? Is the organization designed to work mainly with larger companies, small to mid-sized businesses or entrepreneurs?

We focus our energies on working with small to medium companies who are well established businesses in their home country.

In many cases, we also collaborate with the professional service providers, business consultants, government organizations and for-profit agencies hired by these international companies.

What is the most common query you receive on the site?

The number one question we are asked comes from US product suppliers or professional service providers who want to know how they can become one of the companies that we send business.

 How do you gather the different professionals to collaborate with TBC?

When a company that we are assisting asks us to make a referral, we want all our referrals to be to someone we know.  If there is not a product/service provider that we know that fits the need than we will choose someone who was referred to us by another company we trust.

What is the most important thing you think people should know about TBC?

The companies associated with The Business Coalition donate a lot of their time to see these companies entering the US market are successful, as a result we have to be very selective on who we decide to help.  Once we decide to help a company; however, we continue to work with that company for as long as they want our support.

We stay engaged with these companies for several reasons:

(a) to see how the Coalition can be of further assistance,
(b) check on the quality of any referrals
(c) to provide feedback to the State or Federal agency as well as any consulate office who originally introduced the company to the Coalition.

What would you like people to take away from visiting your website?

The role of the Coalition in supporting an individual company or agency can vary dramatically from one of education, mentoring, promotion, event organizing, referrals, networking, etc.  We see are ourselves as a long-term partner to the business community prepared to do our part to help the US economy prosper.

To any product or service provider who wants to join our Coalition that they need to be prepared to roll up their sleeves and take a proactive role or there will not be a seat at the table for them.

Our message to the international company looking to enter the US market is realize the journey may not be without its challenges; however, we are here to assist you be successful.

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If your SME is thinking about entering the US market, you can contact Dennis directly at dennis[at] or visit the website at

Many thanks to Dennis Warren for taking the time from his busy schedule for this interview and telling us about The Business Coalition.

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