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The A To Z Of Business Trends Predicted For 2014

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So 2013 is gone and now 2014 is beginning. As with every year we are all looking to start afresh with new goals and desires, personally and professionally. Maybe you are continuing with previous plans but want to look at new ways of achieving them. At the end of each year many business trends are predicted for the following year and people in the know share their expert knowledge for us all to consume. I have collated 48 posts covering 2014 predictions from Accountancy to Websites – not quite A-Z and has a few alphabet gaps inbetween – but all are worth a read. So grab a cuppa and enjoy.


#1. Top tech trends shaping accounting and finance in 2014 Here the CEO of, Jeremy Roche, shares his top five predictions for the world of accounting and finance in 2014. Accounting Web

#2. 2014 IT Predictions and 2013 Results Roman Kepczyk not only suggests what is going to happen in 2014 but shares the 2013 IT trends that impacted accountancy firms, good and bad. CPA Practice Advisor

#3. Tech Trends in Accounting for 2014 With more and more people able, and opting, to work from home, this post shows how this can be done easier with the advances in secure technology. Tax Care Inc

#4. 5 finance trends you may face in 2014 Including a fall in the stock market to changes due to the affordable care act, Maclyn Clouse, Professor of Finance at the University of Denver’s Daniels College of Business, offers up five trends and areas to watch in finance in 2014 that may affect you. Denver Business Journal

Big Data

#5. Top Big Data Trends For 2014 In this excellent post industry experts predict the top Big Data trends for the coming year. Enterprise Apps Today

#6. IBM’s Predictions: 6 Big Data Trends In 2014 These are according to Inhi Suh, IBM vice president of big data, integration, and governance. Her 2014 big data predictions are based on feedback from their enterprise clients.

#7. 7 Big Data Trends for 2014 This post looks back on the big data trends expected in 2013 when it really took off and now what is predicted will grow from that in 2014. Smart Data Collective


#8. 12 Ways to Make 2014 Your Brand’s Best Year Yet Here are 12 great suggestions to help cement and market your brand further in 2014. Social Caffiene

#9. Landor Associates predicts top 10 brand trends for 2014 “Our team of experts selected 2014’s top trends by looking at the behavior and attitudes of high-profile demographics, especially the Millennials and Gen Yers, who will outspend baby boomers by 2017.” Hayes Roth, chief marketing officer of Landor

#10. Experts outline key brand marketing trends in 2014 Six of the best brand marketing experts were asked their opinion on what to expect in 2014 and here are their answers. The Guardian

#11. 2014: 10 Trends that will matter for brands Here are 10 trends that will make a difference for brands in the year to come. Jack Morton

#12. Top 2014 trends a sensory buffet Suggesting that “2014 is looking to be a sensory buffet” this post shares some great insights into branding using images, otherwise known as “visual literacy”.

The A To Z Of Business Trends Predicted For 2014

Content Marketing

#13. Content Marketing Trends for 2014 Content marketing is seen to be coming into fruition in 2014 and this post shares some reasons why that is, plus how to encapture how to do it best. Social Media Today

#14. The Future of Content Marketing: Trends and Predictions for 2014 This is a look at several new findings made as a result of a joint study between the Content Marketing Institute, MarketingProfs and Brightcove and what they could mean for next year’s content marketing trends. KISSmetrics

#15. Managing the Content Marketing Avalanche Including a link to a slideshare this post is based on Dave Chaffey’s research through the year. Smart Insights

#16. 6 New Year’s Marketing Resolutions If you’re looking for a way to improve your content marketing skills in 2014, here are some ideas to get you started from Courtney Gordner.


#17. 2014 Trends for Business Startups and Future Funders Here are some great crowdfunding predictions for 2014 from David Drake.

#18. Investing Trend for 2014: Equity Crowdfunding This post shares crowdfunding sources and some great success stories too. Entrepreneur

#19. What Is The Future Of Crowdfunding? Six Emergent Trends For 2014 Charles Luzar uses his experience and answering clients questions to predict six trends for Crowdfunding to expect in 2014. Crowdfund Insider

#20.  Crowdfunding Trends 2014 This indepth post deals with the improvements that USA and other countries have done to legislate crowdfunding and the options available Internationally. Yahoo Small Business Advisor


#21. 7 Upcoming Trends that will Drive Ecommerce in 2014 Kinjal Adesara suggests 7 trends that will push Ecommerce to greater heights in 2014 including Big Data and Multi-Device compatibility.

#22. The 5 Global E-commerce Trends for 2014  This post shares more trends for Ecommerce in 2014 and again Big Data and Multi-Device use are relevant. Prestashop

#23. 7 trends that will transform SMB e-commerce in 2014 Heather Clancy of Small Business Matters suggests that small business retailers are driving the innovation of ecommerce forward. ZDNet

#24. E-Commerce in 2014: Seven Key Trends If you haven’t heard of “Glocalization” before then this is a post to read along with other trends expected for Ecommerce in 2014. Wired

The A To Z Of Business Trends Predicted For 2014

Mobile Marketing

#25. 2014 Trends in Mobile Marketing This post explains how mobile marketing has grown in recent years and what to focus on in 2014 to succeed. Onbile

#26. Four mobile advertising trends to look out for in 2014 Ebuzzing’s vice president of mobile, Paul Coggins, uses his experience to suggest trends to look out for in 2014. The Guardian

#27. Invite your customers in via mobile! Mobile marketing trends for 2014 Including an infographic this post shares some mobile marketing trends to look out for in 2014 including an increase in geo-tagging. UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School

#28. 3 Key Business Marketing Trends for 2014 John Follis suggests 3 important marketing trends to look out for in 2014 and they include Mobile Marketing. Small Business Trends

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

#29. The Future of SEO: “It’s Complicated” SEO Trends for 2014 Ryne Landers explains why SEO is dead and what needs to be done instead. WrightIMC

#30. SEO Trends to Watch for 2014 Not only looking forward to 2014, Courtney Gringras looks back at 2013 and the changes already in motion when it comes to SEO and that there are several more factors to consider now. ConstantContent

#31. SEO in 2014: How to Prepare for Google’s 2014 Algorithm Updates Trying to predict Google’s algorithm updates is always a conundrum but in this excellent post Jayson DeMers suggests ways to stay ahead of the updates. Search Engine Watch

Social Media & Social Business

#32. Strongest Social Media Trends in 2014 A short but accurate post predicting what to expect with Social Media in 2014. International Business Times, Australia Edition

#33. What Does 2014 Have in Store for Social Business? This post by Monica Jade Romeri proves that Social Media is never stagnant and you need to be aware of the changes in the future. Social Media Today

#34. 3 Social Business Trends for 2014 Three excellent pointers in the direction that Social Business is expected to succeed in 2014. The Economist Group

#35. Marketing Trends: What’s Hot And What’s Not For 2014 Anita Campbell, CEO of Tweak Your Biz and Small Business Trends, uses her extensive experience to predict what is hot and what won’t be in 2014 in the world of marketing. Open Forum

#36. 11 Social Media Marketing Predictions to Watch for 2014 Who better than to know what is expected in Social Media in 2014 but Cindy King and Social Media Marketing

The A To Z Of Business Trends Predicted For 2014

Start Ups

#37. Get Ready To Start A Business In January With This December To-Do List   Nellie Akalp of Corpnet is the expert in business start ups so who better than to explain what you need to do for your start up in 2014. Tweak Your Biz

#38. Launching A Startup In 2014? Read This Advice From Successful Entrepreneurs And Business Strategists 8 successful entrepreneurs share their wisdom on business start ups from their extensive experience. Cloudways

#39. These 18 Tech and Startups Trends Will Emerge in 2014 A group of entrepreneurs and thought leaders share their best predictions for the tech and startup worlds in 2014. Tech Cocktail


#40. The Top 7 Technology Trends that will Dominate 2014 Jayson DeMers predicts a wild ride in technology growth in 2014 based on the progress in 2013 and he picks 7 specific trends. Forbes

#41. 8 Technology Trends That Will Impact Business Strategies In 2014 This post by Dylan Adams suggests technology trends to look out for to integrate into your business in 2014. Tweak Your Biz

#42. 2014 in preview: A look at upcoming tech trends Contextual computing, the next phase of the post-PC era, 3D printing and the mainstreaming of wearable computing are a few of the 2014 themes Larry Dignan is watching. ZDnet

#43. 2014 Technology Predictions Series: NetApp on Cloud This is the ninth installment in a multi-part “Technology Predictions for 2014″ series in which industry providers – from Big Data to cloud to mobile – share their predictions about the hot tech trends that will take center stage in 2014. SiliconANGLE


#44. Top 10 web design trends for 2014 Including web apps, responsive design and CSS animations this post predicts 10 web design trends for 2014. The Moo’s News

#45. 10 Web Design Trends to Leave Behind in 2014 Rather than predicting what is on the way this post suggests what should be left behind in the realms of Web Design. WIX blog

#46. Web design trends of 2014 presented by Cubicle Ninjas This post explains what is hot and what is not in web design in 2014. InspiredMag

#47. 2014 Predictions for Web Design CEO Collis Ta’eed shares his thoughts on what to expect in web design for 2014 in this indepth post and the discussion in the comments is interesting too. Envato

#48. 2014 WordPress Website Trends: What’s Hot and What’s Not And finally in this excellent post, Megan Totka of the Chamber Of Commerce explains her predictions for 2014 in WordPress websites. Small Business Trends

And now Zzzzzz if you’ve got this far, well done.

I hope the above posts have provided some useful predictions for 2014 in the world of business trends.

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