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Taking the Irreversible Step

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Decision point.

Choice 1: Keep talking about your vision as a wish. Notice the difficulties, the reasons you can’t make changes to your business. Stay focused on your limited resources and muddle along.

Choice 2: Take a hard look at your vision and act on it to make it reality.

On paper, it looks easy. We want to be the heroes of our dreams. We know we have the talent and the dedication to build our businesses to their peaks. Of course, we pick choice #2.


We intimidate ourselves. We know that having a vision for your organisation is more than a fantasy of what your business could be. It is scary to act on our desires. It sounds so grandiose when we tell someone what we most want from our work and how it will enhance not only our lives but their lives as well.

Is it okay to have what you want? We have these inner voices telling us to keep our heads down, keep the noise down. Our Inner Saboteur feeds on our anxiety about change. We wonder if people will still love us or  if we can tolerate rejection. It asks us, “who do you think you are?” We see successful people get knocked down in commentary and ordinary conversation because they were bold and determined to see their vision come to fruition. We become fearful that we will be exposed and alone, maybe even failures.

So we sit in limbo and feel the pain of our indecision. Maybe the thrill of the early days of starting up your business has worn off. Maybe you’ve been in business a while and it feels like a treadmill. It is hard to embrace a new role when you’re holding on your previous identity. We have implicit and explicit beliefs about money and success and our feelings about them get triggered when we are indecisive. They make our heads swivel from future to past. How do you walk forward when your eyes are looking backwards?

What do you truly want your business to manifest? Nobody ever said it had to be a grand gesture. Nobody even said you had to be fearless about getting into action. In a recent conversation about decision-making, my daughter looked at me and said, “If there is something you can do, there’s nothing you can’t do.” From the mouths of babes comes simple wisdom. We complicate things too much with our thinking. Sometimes the boldest thing to do is a little thing. Changing language on your web site, making one phone call, asking for help, or hiring a coach might be your business development steps.

Now, stop talking about your business. You’re at a decision point. You know what you want and you know what the obstacles are. Can you be a better leader? A better manager? This is beyond your dream time. It is now time to commit and act. To be fair, you can stay where you are. It is safer and more certain. This is an action you can take. You know your business will be all right because you’ve come this far. But…what if you want more?

What are you making real? There’s no going back. The irreversible step is the one when you take an action, big or small, that develops your business further. It is the first step in a process that gains in energy and momentum as you see how powerful and talented you really are.

Will you choose to stay where you are or make your vision real?

What is your irreversible step?

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