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5 Essentials to Help Organize Your Small Business

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Keeping a business organized is a difficult feat, regardless of the size. With documents, equipment, employee’s items, and the like taking up space, it can be tough to know where to start when it comes to keeping the clutter under control.

You don’t have to worry about blowing the budget on fancy storage devices, but rather keep organization at the forefront of your mind and set some guidelines out for your employees to start. Whether your small business is brand new or you’ve been running for a while, here are some tips for keeping the whole team organized.

Printer and a Decent Stock of Ink

You never know when you’ll need to rush into a meeting with essential documents, so a printer is essential. Not only does it help in the circumstance, but it ensures you can organise vital paperwork via a filing system and employees will be able to print off other documentation required to do their job. Ensure you keep a stock of compatible ink or toner cartridges on standby depending on what your model uses. There’s nothing more frustrating than rushing to print out a document, only for the screen to be flashing empty. By stocking up in advance, you never have to worry about this issue occurring and delaying your printing tasks.

Wall Planner

While a lot of people rely on a digital calendar – which is great when sharing intercompany events and meetings with your employees – a wall planner above your desk is a way to stay organized. Offer one out to each team in the business so they can write out and keep track of their specific events, meetings, deadlines, and the like. Having a physical wall planner or calendar is beneficial as you can track each day easily, and managers have a better idea of what the team is doing without the need for micromanaging. Accessible and easy to follow, they are a simple but significant addition to the office.

Online Cloud Storage

Ensure you can access your work anytime, anywhere, by using a cloud storage system. While you have to be careful to ensure it’s fully secure, it allows you to upload files and access them on any device, so long as you have the login credentials. You can then share the relevant ones with the broader team, allowing you to not only work on the same documents at the same time if you so wish but also keep track of what work is being done and the like. Do your research before you choose the cloud you use to ensure it is secure and suits your business needs; one size doesn’t fit all, in this case.

Choose Your Decor Wisely

As fun as it may be to get some quirky, unusual pieces to jazz up your office, you can’t forget about the basics. Choose furniture that is functional, such as desks with built-in storage, easy to organize filing cabinets, whiteboards on some of the walls and shelving units close to each team. This will help keep your business tidy and your teams organized; nobody enjoys working in an environment that is cluttered, after all. You can, of course, add a hint of color and fun decorative elements to these to create a motivational working atmosphere.

Regular Catch-Ups

One of the best ways to keep organized as a manager or director of a small business is to stay in touch with the rest of your team. By doing so, you’re kept in the loop and know exactly when to expect the next piece of work or if a problem has arisen. Keep an open-door policy so employees aren’t afraid to approach you and plan in regular meetings, whether that be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. This will depend on the business you run and the rest of the contact you have, such as if you are involved in a company-wide messaging platform such as Slack or WhatsApp.

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