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Office Hacks That Freakishly Save Your Time and Multiply Productivity

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Every job has the right tool for it. So if you recruited your staff because you felt they are the right tools for your job, your need to ensure that you provide then with an optimized work environment to gain maximum productivity from them. You have to constantly ask yourself how they can achieve more and what you can do to help them.

That does not necessarily mean providing them with every office supply under the sun. Having too many tools and supplies can cause distractions and becomes counterproductive.

If you are looking to enhance your office productivity, you have to ensure that you have the right supplies for your office. Not just the quantity, but the quality is equally important. You don’t want to have a cluttered desk in front of you when you work.

Explore these solutions to increase productivity at the office and see the results yourself.

Organize Your Workplace With the Right Supplies.

One must not undermine the amount of stress caused by a cluttered work environment. Almost 70% of employees do not feel motivated to work in an unorganized workplace. They get distracted by the mess and often have to struggle to find the right tools for the job.

Designing a productive workspace does not only mean organizing everything. It also requires the right kind of office supplies. Here are some office supplies that can help your staff achieve better efficiency.

  • Day Planner – a good day planner is essential for any kind of productivity, be it education or office work. It helps to create better planning to do the job and thus increases productivity.
  • Notepad and notebook – while notepads are perfect for short notes, notebooks have a better layout for complex content. Both have their uses and cannot be substituted for one another.
  • Colored pens – colored pens are sometimes a better alternative to highlighters. They cut a highlighter’s job in half and they cost less too.
  • Self-sealing envelopes – have you ever frantically looked for a glue stick when you have an envelope to seal, only to find that you’ve run out? Self-sealing envelopes are the perfect solution to sending checks or confidential mailers without hassles or creating a sticky mess.
  • Whiteouts – to err is human. And that is why you need whiteouts at your office desks.
  • Mouse pad – mouse pads don’t just make the mouse work smoother. The ones that come with a gel wrist support lessen the stress on the employee’s wrist and increase their efficiency too.

Dynamic Designs

Office furniture and filing cabinets are just the basic things that you need in an office these days. The present-day workforce needs an environment where they can collaborate more and form important connections. So you need elements in your office that can facilitate such prerequisites. You would need to consider ergonomic furniture, informal spaces, and break out areas that create a vibrant environment and builds employee relationships. You will not only benefit from better productivity but also innovative ideas by your staff.

Flexible Working

Gone are those days when people had to sit in the office for 8 hours and work. The amount of work pressure people have to handle these days needs employers to be flexible. Thankfully technological advancements can ensure that people can work from anywhere. They just need to be given a plan and the technological tools necessary to work and communicate efficiently.

Laptops and tablets along with cloud-based sharing tools and portable internet devices can enable your employees to be flexible about their work environment and schedule. This way they can enjoy their work even more and produce better output.

Safety and Hygiene

Sick leaves can cost you a lot of money and hamper your production, which means you lose double. Employees also avoid offices with unhygienic conditions. Workforce attrition hampers productivity and causes business loss.

Providing a hygienic work environment can be very simple yet effective in gaining productivity and lessen business losses.

Compliance with the Workplace Health and Safety Act and Regulations would ensure that your work facilities are safe for your employees. You would avoid unnecessary hindrances to your business too. Simple things like better lighting, readily available first aid kits, vending machines, and storage solutions can make a lot of difference to the working conditions and reflect in better production.

Create Break Friendly Environment

Being busy might be a fashion statement. But taking breaks enable your staff to function better. Regularly scheduled breaks throughout the working hours can make a lot of difference in production. Workers can be provided with coffee, tea, or healthy snacks. It is a cost-effective method to boost your employee’s nutrition as well as morale.

Effectively designed kitchen hubs can also provide your employees with a much-needed place to socialize during their breaks. It will also ensure that your workers eat healthy and nutritious food to stay motivated and productive.

Productivity is and will always remain a challenge for any work environment. Proper strategies that are practical and easy to implement can bring in the required change needed by your employees to work and engage better.

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