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How to Find the Writing Inspiration

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A writer needs constant motivation and inspiration to churn out interesting and riveting write-ups. But staying motivated or inspired always is a little difficult. At times, writers, who inspire millions of people with their inspiring piece of work, face writer’s block. Their mind just goes blank and they feel less inspired to write anything. Inspiration is very important to get any work done including writing and there is a number of ways to find writing inspiration.

Following is a list of different ways of finding inspiration, some are well known and some are lesser known. So, instead of believing in some sort of magic, that one fine day miraculously you will feel the urge to write and will end up writing perfect write up for people to marvel at. Magic only happens in fairy tales, in the real world, you need to get down to the work of seeking inspiration and motivate yourself to write. You can seek inspiration for writing the following ways:


You will find a lot of blogs written upon the subject of how to find the writing inspiration. Often writers talk about their own ordeal to overcome this phase and what helped them bring back their inspiration for writing. Besides that, there are blogs on different topics that might interest you and once finished reading them, you feel inspired to pen down your own views about the topic.


Magazines are often filled with lots of material which one or the other way instigate your views, let be about an article, or fiction or non-fiction stories or flagrant national issue. That prompts you to write and present your viewpoint.


Books are always your best bet. A good refreshing fiction story or an inspiring biography, always lift your mood and you look at the things from a new angle. This again wakes up your inner writer to weave your own thought in the thread of words.

Listening to people:

Every person carries a story with them. They may not know how to pen it down but they all are good storytellers. Draw your inspiration from their stories, listen to them tentatively and find out how it helps them to come this far and how it can help you to move ahead.


Art is the best form of inspiration. So many unspoken words are hidden in each stroke of a painting. A writer from the heart cannot miss out on those words. Watching art and interpreting itself generates a lot of ideas in the mind of a writer and definitely, one or two ideas strike so deeply, their inspiration prompts the writer to pin down his own thoughts.


They say “music has the charm to woo even the savage beast”, it can surely help in calming down the inner turmoil of a writer to attain peace. It channelizes his thinking process in the direction of something meaningful. Play it in your background and let it move your heart and soul.


Every movie has a good or bad impact on everyone. If a movie is well made and its certain sections draw your attention specifically then it’s your cue to writing something about it. After watching a movie, Everyone forms a view, for a writer penning down his own views is not a big task. So, take suggestions from your family and friends which movie to watch.

Talking with friends:

Writers often mentioned in their posts, talking with their friends in person or over the phone has inspired their many posts. A meaningful conversation with your friends often stirs up new ideas and viewpoints of friends add up for a great write up.

Writing forum:

There are so many online platforms where writers converge to share their work and viewpoints. Since every writer faces the problem of lack of inspiration in writing, they discuss it at length and help those who are currently suffering from it. Listening to their ideas and remedies to overcome this situation helps a great deal.

Public places:

Stepping out from the house and be in the company of strangers does wonder at times. Keeping quiet and overhearing other’s conversations, of course not in a perverted way, helps in triggering ideas in your mind. If you happen to listen to an interesting conversation, write it down in your journal. It will serve as inspiration for later writing.

Inspiration for writing can be drawn from anywhere.  Simply observing someone can inspire you to write. There are so many stories scattered in the world untold, you just need to look closely to draw inspiration from them. But, at the same time, you must also learn how to write without inspiration. Some issues need your immediate attention; you don’t need the inspiration to put forward your views on such issues. For example, you observe a wrong behavior on the part of kids; you tend to think about what triggered such behavior and what could be the possible remedies. Voila, you jot down your thoughts about it. Finding inspiration is not difficult, you need to keep your options open. Don’t confine yourself behind four walls, go out in sunlight, and meet people, talk to them. It will help you a great deal. Finding inspiration and stay inspired is a moving target. Every day is a new day and something new happens or you meet someone new, take your inspiration from there.

Final Thoughts:

According to Allen Lisa, an author & content strategist at Assignment Help Services – “Inspiring, yourself for writing requires constant efforts on your part. Reading inspiring quotes has its own magic effect on mentality. They are like energy boosters which immediately raise your morals. Reading is very important to write that helps immensely in inspiring. Next time, you feel less motivated, leave everything less, and stop stressing over it. Go out, take a book with your or best buy a new book, find a cozy corner for yourself in a cafe filled with coffee aroma. Indulge yourself in the decadent ideas of an interesting book. Inspiration, if looked closely, awaits you every nook and corner, you just need to absorb it and get down to writing.”

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