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Top Tips for Eco-Friendly Travel for Eco-Friendly Business Travel

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There’s no doubt demand for eco-friendly travel is growing as society becomes more environmentally aware. A recent survey conducted by travel search engine Booking.com found 55% of travellers are more determined to make sustainable choices than they were a year ago. Yet a significant portion remain unclear on how to do so.

While leisure travel remains temporarily on hold in an effort to contain the Covid-19 outbreak, perhaps now is the perfect time to read up. Much of the advice applies whether travelling long-haul from New York to Sydney or hopping on the train from Bowes Park to Moorgate.       

Read our top tips for eco-friendly travel below.

Fly Less

Budget airlines and ever-broadening flight routes have made it economically and logistically feasible for the average traveller to take multiple flights a year. Yet cutting out air travel, or at least reducing your number of trips, is the number one way to reduce your carbon footprint. 

Short distance flights are the worst offenders. So rather than flying domestically or hopping across nearby borders, take the train next time instead.  

Travel in Economy Class (And Pack Light)

It’s natural to want comfort when travelling. But buying economy class plane and train tickets, rather than business or first-class, is both better for your wallet and the environment. Economy class transports more people and is more efficient as a result.  

Packing light is another way to use up less fuel. Think how much noticeably slower your car – or even your own body – feels when its overloaded.  

Bring Green Behaviours From Home

Are you already taking conscious steps to live more sustainably at home? Whether it’s eating less meat or cutting out single-use plastics, make sure to bring these behaviours on your travels too. 

Carrying a reusable water bottle for example will save buying and consequently discarding multiple drinks bottles along the way. This point is especially pertinent in nations already overly reliant on plastic due to limited access to safe drinking water.  

Travel With Sustainable Travel Agencies

Regardless of your efforts, it’s inevitable that travel will have some environmental impact. But choosing sustainable travel agencies when you do can help balance this while having a positive influence on local communities too.

Some providers even offer carbon-neutral travel packages, within which the carbon emissions of a trip have been calculated, reduced where possible, then offset entirely.

Do you plan to make more sustainable choices once restrictions on international travel are lifted?      

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