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Top 10 Services to Help You Study

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Sometimes it takes an extra effort to focus on your studies and balance your life and classes without missing out. Remote studying is always a challenge that many students try to overcome. It’s a challenge for many reasons. Namely, it is the lack of the appropriate environment and abundance of extra-tasks that prevent you from focusing on writing your papers. 

The most responsibility is put on you, and you have to figure out what to prioritize. However, you don’t have to suffer or spend way too much of your money on personal assistance. Luckily, there are plenty of services that provide the personalized academic support that you need. Below is a list of services that would improve your experience of studying and ease your daily routine with home assignments. 


The essential part of any essay is proofreading and editing. You will re-write so many of your works during college it would appear unfair to you. But you will thank your professors in the end. The main ingredient of any great work is revisions and attentiveness to details multiplied by your determination. 

If you ever ask yourself, “who can help me to proofread my paper,” we have an answer for you. Studyfy is the study service that provides students with the best assistance in proofreading and editing. The proofreading step is always the hardest one because we often don’t spot mistakes in our writing. With professional assistance, you can unlock how to read your papers effectively and see the smallest details essential to improve. 


Some assignments are destined to be written in a rush. Some exams have strict time frames, and there’s nothing you can do to extend the deadline to one hour. Neither can you look for additional resources or revise your paper with a fresh eye. These types of assignments are often the most stressful ones, and you have to put all your mental resources into them. 

Grammarly is the perfect platform  that checks your spelling and grammar in such stressful conditions. It takes a second to place your text in the checking box and get your results. You can always review the suggested changes, accept or dismiss them, and adjust the platform settings to make your experience as flawless as possible. It is one of the best online tools for students and professional writers.


Usually, every college has a language center and department for students who want to improve the second language or acquire their third one. However, the challenge is to create a schedule that would suit you and won’t interfere with your classes or study flow. That’s when such services as Preply come in handy. 

It is a platform that connects thousands of professional tutors who can create an individual plan for you. You can easily adjust your study schedule without having to sacrifice your college classes. Preply has one of the most popular languages to learn, so you can find a tutor you feel comfortable to work with and start your journey any time. The guarantee that you would have the best experience learning languages is one hundred percent. 

The Pomodoro Tracker

You may have noticed that you have trouble focusing on a task and multitasking when it is not needed. Scholars say that our attention span lasts from 20 to 50 minutes, and if you forced yourself to sit over the book for more, it would result in nothing. The resolution for it is to create an environment where you can easily focus and spend 30-40 minutes on your reading or writing. Then it is effective to have small breaks to recharge your brain.

The Pomodoro Tracker is easy, and it uses the “25 minutes for task, 5 minutes for break” formula. You can easily adjust the time that would suit you, but the standard track time is proven to be effective and suitable for most people.  


Writing essays, case studies, and reports is one of the main activities you will encounter during your studies. It is not a wonder because you have to learn how to express your thoughts clearly and cohesively. Some students struggle with the structure that academic papers have, while others quickly unlock the art of writing a good academic paper. 

You have endless options to improve your writing skills, from reading more to writing small essays every day. One of the ways is to look for a paper writer assistance, which PaperWriter provides to every one according to their degree level and complexity of the task. It is a service for students with top-notch professionals in various fields who can land you a helping hand when you experience writer’s block or struggle to edit your final draft. You can easily learn from the best writers and take their advice into account next time you will write your essay.


Time management and organization are key to your successful studies. If you often find yourself confused and lost, it is time to create a detailed schedule. It may sound like a boring deal, but you would thank yourself for managing the main tasks. Our brains work better if we visualize what we need to do rather than keep that in mind.

It is when Monday will come in handy as a perfect cross-platform organization app. You may also use your built-in smartphone calendar, but Monday takes the next step in a user-friendly and intuitive design that boosts your productivity. It is one of the most convenient tools to track your progress and share schedules with classmates for team projects. 


Don’t worry if you have trouble managing all your workflow and your documents are scattered all across your work folder. It is an easy problem to fix with some attentiveness and time. However, it is an important aspect you need to improve to achieve greater results in your studies. 

Evernote allows you to synchronize your notes across various devices, organize your documents, and keep track of your progress. Your productivity would improve because you will know what’s going on with your study progress. You can even collaborate with your classmates on the group project, everything within one easy-to-use program. 

Project Gutenberg 

Most professors and lecturers provide their students with study materials. However, sometimes the scans cannot be as convenient for you as for others. So it requires an extra effort in search of a better scan, rare edition, or specific book for your home assignment. 

Project Gutenberg is a free and non-profit organization that has a vast collection of fiction and non-fiction books. You don’t have to spend all day looking at the repository catalog but just search the needed title and enjoy the book. It is also perfect for finding books for extra-curricular readings.

Khan Academy 

Many subjects are entry-level during your college course. Yet, if you feel that you fall out, you can always seek extra help. Don’t be afraid to express your concerns if the materials are not clear or you struggle with them. 

Khan Academy is designed to explain complex subjects as comprehensively as possible. From arts to natural sciences, you can find additional sources for your homework and boost your subject proficiency.


Do you feel that you need an extra course to attend to become better at your major? Yet, you don’t specifically want to acquire extra credits, or the course of your interest is absent at your department? That’s when Coursera becomes a saving grace for students and specialists all across the globe. 

The platform has a large collection of courses provided by the best European and American Universities. You can attend them for free and adjust the schedule for your convenience. You can pay a small fee to receive an official certificate about finishing the course.

Wrapping up

Here is a list of the best services that can improve your studying experience. We wish you luck in achieving the heights of academic success.



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