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Which TEFL Course Is Best for You?

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The joy of teaching abroad


Teaching abroad happens to be one of the most educating and exciting adventures that one can possibly take as a young adult or sometime further along in life. Before making the leap to become a successful teacher you need to do some due diligence and complete several steps towards your dream to get a job abroad. The first thing that needs to be taken care of is your online TEFL certificate that will make you eligible for teaching English as a second language.

Why only an internationally recognized certification should be opted for?

When looking for the ideal bachelor degree in TEFL, it is important that you sort out the imposters and the authentic agencies. You will probably come across a hundred different programs claiming to be the best learning providers at the cheapest prices. Beware that few among these are illegitimate, shady scams where you could end up losing money if you are not careful. Always run a thorough background check of the provider institute before applying and giving money to them. Reach out to their alumni, read about them on online forums, and ascertain by all means possible that they have the necessary international accreditation.

The best programs available

Here is a look at some of the best MA degree in TEFL online that you could check out for obtaining your English teacher training badge and starting your journey to become a successful teacher for foreign language coaching.

International TEFL Academy

This is among the most prominent TEFL certificate courses in the world that runs accredited programs in 25 global locations. You can also avail their online TEFL certificate program if you are comfortable with the idea of self-learning. Every year more than 5000 candidates graduate with a bachelor degree in TEFL and take up international teaching jobs in around 80 countries.

Pros: The course ranks among the most recognizable accredited TEFL certification courses so you are assured of getting a legit education and a degree that will find acceptance around the world.

Cons: While 25 countries may seem like a lot, all of their Asia programs are focused largely in the southeast, so if you have any other location in mind you should be looking elsewhere.

International TEFL and TESOL Training

An accredited TEFL course, the ITTT provides has educational centers across a dozen different countries from Vietnam to South Africa to Guatemala. Online accredited TEFL courses are also available for interested candidates. They lay a lot of emphasis on the practicality of learning and approach the training program through an English-only classroom environment.

Pros: The educational centers listed under ITTT are an impressive collection with diverse locations covered for the interested teaching aspirants.

Cons: Though their jobs board is an expansive one wherein you can get a job in abroad at a preferred location, you won’t find them too helpful with the placement process, unlike some other providers.

The Language House TEFL

A popular and well-established TEFL course provider, this accredited agency is based out of the Czech Republic. As one of the smaller training providers, the learning experience is more communal and intimate where you as an individual will get to enjoy a great deal of focus and emphasis. Their course and learning program are all about the development of strong personal relationships and maintaining a hands-on support system for the candidate over the course of their overseas teaching and accreditation experience.

Pros: An intimate learning environment where you can expect yourself to be pushed to the limit for fulfilling your individual learning potential.

Cons: As one of the smaller accredited TEFL programs, they lack in terms of a broad global network which is an advantage provided by the major course providers.

Premier TEFL

At Premier TEFL, you get to choose from a wide range of online TEFL certificate courses, all of which are accredited. As a prospective teacher, this will give you the perfect opportunity for either pursuing various different specializations or enrolling into a basic training program, depending on your professional needs. You can also opt for paid internships and blended courses which are available in a dozen different options across several locations in Asia, Europe, and South America. They have been in business for more than three decades and is a proud name in offering engaging, expansive educational courses.

Pros: The course structure here is that of online learning which gives candidates a great deal of advanced and convenient learning options on-the-go in the 21st century.

Cons: If you are absolutely new to the teaching world, a full-time in-classroom course will probably be more beneficial. Sadly, this is not something Premier TEFL specializes in.

i-to-i TEFL

i-to-i TEFL has been in the business of providing training to prospective ESL teachers for more than thirty years now with over 200,000 graduates appointed in various teaching roles around the world. An accredited TEFL program that has a wide reach, it has not only in-classroom courses but also online programs available to students from all over the world. They also provide support for job placements and internships in countries such as China and Spain. Those looking to become a successful teacher after a training program at i-to-i can rest assured of finding some of the best contacts in the industry by means of this well-connected international organization.

Pros: i-to-i has a diversified selection of TEFL courses that ESL teachers can take up for meeting their varying experience levels and aspirations. This allows future educators the range of options based on which they can launch a teaching career for themselves internationally.

Cons: Though the selection of programs is extensive, accredited TEFL courses are not offered in several locations unlike some of the other major names.


Choosing one of the premium TEFL training and certification courses, whether online or in-classroom, will steer your career in the right direction and launch your dreams of finding a teaching job abroad. You need to find the one that is best aligned with your aspirations and experiences.


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