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Don’t Let COVID Stunt Your Personal Growth. Own a Laptop? Listen up!

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2020 has definitely been filled with uncertainty but one thing is for sure, there are still millions of people out there who want to learn English, and thousands of people in the UK alone are looking for new income avenues. If you’re a native English speaker looking to earn an income from your home (and comfy slippers) then pursuing a career in TEFL could be perfect for you! But can you really earn an income teaching English online? Will COVID ruin my chances of being a successful EFL teacher? Are there enough students to be taught? Don’t worry, we know earning an income while you travel the world or sit on your couch sounds too good to be true, so let’s get into the facts!

The TEFL Academy was interested in seeing where the EFL Industry stood during these crazy times, so we conducted an in-depth analysis, with the findings being quite reassuring!

5 Online Teaching Stats From the Experts at the TEFL Academy

  • In today’s world, a massive 20% of the population are English speakers! It is the most commonly studied language, which is great news for anyone looking to start a TEFL career, and it’s spoken in over 100 countries. Furthermore, over half of the net is written in English, so this will prompt users to attain English skills so they can fully understand the information found online. With these figures steadily growing, the opportunities are truly endless!
  • The English language is often described as “a hybrid and flexible language”. It’s constantly evolving, which illustrates it’s great success as a World language and emphasizes the fact that it is here to stay. Through a survey conducted by Wall Street English, we discovered that 73% of people are of the opinion that learning the English language will soon be a necessity. English is spoken globally in the business and academic worlds which is all the more reason for students wanting to master the language. 65% of people believe that being able to speak English assists you in conducting business globally and helps to build relationships with people all over the world.
  • With many industries’ growth being affected by COVID, you may be thinking the same must have happened with the EFL industry. In reality, with travel restrictions and schooling being moved online, there has been a massive increase in online class enrolments resulting in high demand for Online EFL teachers and huge growth in this part of the industry. It’s crazy to think that 52.13% of our qualified teachers actually only started their TEFL Journey after COVID had hit!

  • We have proven that even in the most abnormal situations, we have the power to create a somewhat normal space online so we can continue to deliver education. Even before COVID entered our lives, thousands of TEFL teachers were opting to teach English Online rather than to travel and teach it in class. It appeals to many for multiple reasons such as the fact of not having to uproot your life to start your new career, or skipping the early morning commute and saving travel expenses. When we assessed our respondent’s expectations of education post-COVID, a massive majority of 81% believe that online teaching is here to stay and that it will in fact become the dominant method of teaching and education globally.
  • In order to have the best chance at bagging your dream Online Teaching job, it is essential to get qualified with a regulated and accredited provider like The TEFL Academy, with more opportunities for our graduates than any other provider. With more and more people realizing the benefits of earning an income from home, the online EFL industry is becoming increasingly competitive. Companies are incrementally demanding a bachelor’s degree as a requirement and 96% of online teaching positions advertised expected TEFL certification. This is why we cannot stress the importance of completing a Level 5 Online TEFL course of at least a 168-hour duration.

Teaching English online has now become somewhat of a “trend” and paved a viable career path for many. With the growing demand for English teachers, and the immediacy of technology, what’s stopping the average person who works in an office 9-5 with a 2-hour commute to ditch their day job and begin a new career as their own boss? Online TEFL teaching is an extremely rewarding income avenue with endless opportunities. You’ll be teaching students from diverse backgrounds and different cultural identities. Inarguably, it is not only the students who learn, you’ll be amazed as an EFL teacher how much you will learn from your students. Appreciate the diversity in the classroom and the cultural differences, and create a supportive environment conducive to learning. The freedom and flexibility you have with an online teaching job is inimitable, are you a crazy night owl who wishes to start work at 10 pm and finish at 3 am? No problem! Or, enjoy a lie-in, start at lunchtime and finish in time for supper! You do you! With freedom, comes challenges, and like any job, there will be difficulties encountered from time to time. If you’re struggling to adapt to your new career, or are looking for ways to make your lessons more engaging, we’re here to help! Make sure you reach out to your provider for help and support, start networking, and join online groups of like-minded people. The pros certainly outweigh the cons when it comes to online TEFL teaching, read some of our brand ambassador stories for a real-life insight into the job!

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