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Why You Need a Cover Letter When Applying for a Restaurant Job

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According to a CNN Business report in June 2020, restaurants added back the highest number of jobs in America after reopening following the Covid-19 shutdown. Millions of people lost jobs during the lockdown, and if you are one of them, it’s probably time to get back on your feet.

Of course, you know the hassle of job seekers and it’s probably needless to say just how much you need a cover letter. Whether you are looking for any “Barista jobs near me” or “restaurant jobs” specifically, you surely need a cover letter.

Here is an outline of why it is essential when seeking a restaurant job.

It Portrays Your Communication Skills

Communication is an essential aspect in most jobs, and more so in the hotel industry where employees keep interacting with customers. Before you even get to the job, your potential employer will want to know how good your communications skills are, and there is no better way to assess than through your writing.

Besides, cover letters follow strict formulas with short, concise sentences and bullet points. You should put your best foot forward and showcase your communication ability.

You Can Point Out Your Strengths

Most probably, you are not the only person seeking to fill the position. The majority of employers hire on a merit basis, so you need to be the best of all candidates to succeed. Therefore, the cover letter is your chance to express the characteristics that distinguish you from the whole lot.

You can talk about your experiences and accomplishments in previous jobs, provided they are relevant to the restaurant job you are applying for. Also, you want to avoid getting too detailed since cover letters generally should not exceed a page.

A Resume Portrays Who You are and Your Seriousness

A potential employer wants a taste of who you are and your professional background, and that’s why the professional summary is an essential part of the cover letter. However, you can still talk about why you are the right fit for the job by elaborating your interests.

Also, dropping resumes and testimonials without a cover letter may seem a lazy move to some employers. You miss out the opportunity to elaborate more about your qualification, plus your application will most likely not outshine others who took time to tailor formal applications.

You Can Show You Did Your Homework

Most employers will feel moved by candidates that did their homework and who know the things that matter. For instance, if you want to work in a particular restaurant, you would check its profile and understand its initiatives. You can talk about them as part of the reasons you are enthusiastic about joining them. Such moves can create immediate value and increase your chances of success.

Final Word

If you are up to date with the formal employment sector, I bet you know that every document is essential. However, what would be more critical than the paper that comes to the top of the bunch? Besides, it is the only document that lets a job seeker take control of the follow up by suggesting a date and time you will call for a response.

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