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Proven Ways To Secure Your Income While Working From Home

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Working from home was already gaining traction in the lead up to 2020. The opening months of 2020 brought the coronavirus pandemic that shook the world’s economy to the core and brought remote work to the forefront.

For a few weeks, there was panic and parallelization. However, businesses quickly adapted by setting up opportunities for their employees to work from home. Now, with so many people successfully working from home, work from home opportunities have gone from being a fringe idea to being something that many people see as the way most businesses will operate.

Some people who are working for an employer remotely and those who are without employment because of the COVID-19 pandemic are looking at other opportunities to work remotely. Many find that with a little research, it is possible to find flexible employment across a variety of industries and sectors that can produce the income they need to live a comfortable life.

Work from Home in Finance

The financial industry has seen an explosion of employment opportunities for remote workers. These opportunities run the gamut from entrepreneurial opportunities to full-time positions with an organization to working as independent contractors. Investing using online trading platforms (ideally in the UK or US, which have better protections) is found to be one of better ways to multiply and secure your income over time as well, but day traders turned out to be real winners with the right strategy.

Day Trader

Day traders make good use of volatile financial markets. Many are using online trading platforms, such as apps with trading alerts, to earn their income. In most cases, the trades they make open and close within the same day. While trading has the potential to be financially lucrative, it does not offer a guaranteed salary or benefits.

Day traders who post a return have the potential to walk away with huge capital. A day trader’s approach to the market may differ from someone who would prefer investing traditionally using stock trading platforms. Traditional investors look for long-term returns. Day traders use skills, sophisticated tools, and available capital to turn a profit every single day. But without a proper strategy it can lead to a potential loss. That’s why day trading isn’t for everyone.

For those who find day trading too extreme way of investing, traditional investing might be a better option – online stock trading apps like Robinhood and Acorns recorded a record growth in sage during the pandemic when millennials decided to enter the market whether they had boosting their income in mind, or just out of boredom.

Financial Writers

Most people have never heard of a financial writer. However, individuals who have writing talent and financial know-how are in demand.

Over the past few decades, there has been an explosion in online articles about the economy. People are concerned about their financial future. A good financial writer can earn hundreds of dollars per article and can enjoy salaries of between $70,000 and $90,000 a year. Having a master’s degree in finance, economics, or journalism may lead to earning more money. But what’s most important is having personal experience in the financial industry.

Financial Planner

Financial planners can base their offices out of their home as long as they can create a professional backdrop. Since most consultations are now done via teleconference, the ability to create a professional office is paramount. The compensation that financial advisers can earn working from home is like what their colleagues who work from an office will earn.

The only difference is that the financial adviser working from home does not have the overhead expenses. Nowadays people rely on financial apps, such as expense trackers, to help them manage their budgets, but hiring a financial planner is a great way to plan your budget on a long-term basis and avoid unnecessary spending.

Work from Home Opportunities in the Medical Field

Most medical positions require face-to-face interactions. They require working in a doctor’s clinic or at a hospital. However, work from home opportunities are increasing.

Many require a degree or certification. However, once you have the certification, you can do these jobs from home if you have a stable Internet connection and phone line.


Many nursing jobs require the nurse to be on site. However, especially in light of COVID-19, telehealth services are increasing. These use telecommunication technology to allow nurses to perform a variety of tasks, including telephone triage, legal nurse consultant, case management, nurse manager, and legal nurse consultant. Preference is given to registered nurses, but there are positions available for licensed practical nurses.

Medical Transcription

Medical transcribing requires you to be fast at typing, and to be familiar with medical terminology. Training is not always required. However, most employers and most organizations will only work with individuals who have been certified as having familiarity with the medical field and the transcription field.

Medical Illustrators and Writers

Individuals who have a background in general writing and editing may be hired to write or edit medical journals and articles. Medical illustrators will typically work from home as independent contractors. Some may have a history of medical study or the study of anatomy. Some may be doctors and nurses who have artistic skill.

Work from Home Opportunities for Those with Little or No Experience

It can be easier for an individual with a degree of experience to find online employment or a work from home opportunity as opposed to someone with little experience. However, it’s not impossible. You may need to start out earning a little less than is desirable. With time and experience, you may earn even more money online than you do working from an office. And you will be saving time and money on the commute. This could offset some money that you are losing from salary.

Customer Service

Most customer service jobs require a high school degree or a GED. Depending on the type of job you are looking for, you might need a post-secondary degree or a college degree. Customer service jobs revolve around using the phone, answering emails, or communicating via social media.

Data Entry

Most data entry jobs do not require extensive experience or education. Some may require a high school degree or certification, depending on the field you are working in. Data entry allows you to work as part of a team from home. You may need to log into a company’s database and make entries or access data.


The marketing field has a ton of remote jobs that you can do on a project basis or part time. Marketing is a phenomenal way to make money from home. Your job is to promote and educate others on products or services for sale. Understanding social media is a plus.

Regardless of your area of expertise, there are legitimate ways for you to secure income working from home. You will need to do research on any work from home opportunity before you accept it because there are several scams that you need to avoid. However, with a bit of effort and work, you can find legitimate work from home opportunities.

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