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Music and Productivity: How Music Therapy Can Help You Focus and Get Work Done

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The loss of focus and productivity is something that everyone understands and experiences from time to time. Whether one has a problem or none at all, losing focus and concentration is a very familiar scenario for everyone, if not, almost.

There is nothing wrong with sometimes losing the focus, energy, productivity, and concentration that you need. But if there’s work that needs to be done at hand, of course, this is going to be a problem. Although some people would resort to change their routines and habits that could help them get back on track, this does not help all people sometimes. This is why some individuals find it hard to regain the focus that they once had.

Fortunately, there is another way that is found to be very effective, efficient, and effortless. And you would only need one thing. And that is music. Well, if you are thinking of attending music lessons, that is great. But if not, then it’s fine too since you would only need to listen to your preferred music and you are ready to go.

Apparently, here are the reasons why:

  1. Music Helps Relieve Stress

The lack of focus and productivity is usually the effect that one would experience when there is a huge amount of stress and anxiety. Certainly, you know how it feels when you are down and sad. Well, naturally, you can’t get yourself to do anything but maybe to lie down and try to feel good about yourself. This is a great thing too but it has been found that listening to or playing music helps relieve the stress. In fact, it has been well known for its therapeutic nature.

According to studies, music decreases the stress levels in your body. And once you tone down those stress-inducing hormones, you will surely get back on track and regain your focus.

  1. In a Noisy Workplace, Music Is an Escape

There are times that you get easily distracted not because of your own doing. As it appears, there are people who get lost in the middle of loud and noisy places. And if you are one of these individuals, you may want to try to listen to music if you want to concentrate and not get distracted by your surroundings.

The truth is – experts revealed that music can be your total escape. It will not get you distracted but rather it will keep your focus on the work at hand.

  1. Music Boosts Creativity

By and large, music has a lot of benefits to your brain. It actually affects your brain functions in a positive way that can help you increase your creativity. And based on the results of many research papers and studies today, people who are musically inclined are found to be much more creative than those people who don’t find music pleasing and attractive.

  1. It Reduces Distractions and Improves Focus

In relation to a noisy and disturbing surrounding, there are other types of distractions that really gets in the way that lets you lose all your focus. It can be a problem of your own, your mind, or even the simplest of things that you can find in your environment. Even so, music can still help you with these kinds of distractions.

As it appears, music benefits a lot of people in so many ways. And one of the most apparent benefits that it can offer is that it naturally improves your focus and reduces your risk of getting distracted at the same time.

  1. Music Helps Boost Motivation

Motivation is an important component that you will need in order to get the focus and determination that you want and need. Accordingly, when you lose motivation, you would certainly lose your focus and concentration. Of course, you would not want that, especially if there are a lot of things that are on your plate at the moment.

Even so, did you know that music can help you become more motivated? In actuality, music has its own real magic that positively impacts the brain. And so much more if your chosen music has motivating lyrics and themes. So, the next you feel that you are a little demotivated, try picking a good track and listen to it.

  1. Music Improves Cognitive Performance

Getting your work done, naturally, needs the proper functioning of your brain and cognitive performance. But if your brain feels a little tired, it actually impacts your overall performance. For instance, your brain cannot function because you are too tired or you simply cannot understand the way your task works. Certainly, you will lose your focus in doing the task at hand. Sometimes this can be because the music is too loud and can interrupt your thoughts. My Best Subwoofer can shake the whole house when I’m working from home and it can be a little jarring if I’m trying to train or learn a new concept so I have to turn the bass down and overall volume down to a little more acceptable levels so that I can concentrate.

On the other hand, if you can primarily understand how to do your task, you will surely get the focus that you need. And music is just a great way to improve your cognitive performances and functions.

  1. Music Can Induce a Special State of Consciousness: Flow

Flow is actually a new study when it comes to self-consciousness. But while new, it has been found that when people get into this state, they feel more rewarded as they become more present and fully awake. It’s like actually the thing that you get out of meditation. But recent studies suggest that music can naturally pick you up and bring you into a state of Flow.

Of course, you would know how it feels when you feel much more awake and present. Accordingly, you can do almost everything when you are fully aware of the situation.

All in all, music plays a huge role in one’s life. And just by simply listening to it, you can actually do a lot of great things, especially in times of procrastination. So, the next time you feel lost, lazy, demotivated, just remember these benefits and start listening to music.

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