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How To Save Money In 2021

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We all can agree that 2020 wasn’t a good year. Everyone is hoping that 2021 will be a better year in terms of finances. Well, it can be a better year if you decide to spend your money wisely. Saving money is one of the easiest ways to financial stability. This article discusses how you can save money in 2021. Here are reliable methods to do so. 

Review your Mortgage Deal

In most parts of the country, rents have drastically dropped. That can be attributed to the stagnant economy. Did you know you can save a fair amount of money from your rent? It would help if you tried negotiating a reduced monthly payment with your landlord. If you have been a good tenant and always followed the rules, your landlord is more likely to agree. The mortgage rates keep varying throughout the year. If you have adequate equity in your home, it can be very affordable to remortgage. Similarly, if you are about to end a fixed-rate deal, you should look around for better offers that can help you cut monthly costs. 

Cancel Unnecessary Subscriptions

The pandemic led to various lockdowns, meaning limited movements and spending more time at home. If you have been working from home, you should consider canceling some of the expensive subscriptions you don’t need. This is especially important if they overlap. Sometimes, we tend to spend so much money on subscriptions we don’t need. Check with your account and see if there is any product you can cancel. 

Make a Proper Spending Plan

One of the major causes of overspending is not monitoring how much is going in and out of your account. If you are having challenges keeping track of your spending, you should take advantage of the useful online calculators. These calculators can calculate your gross income and consider your student loans, pensions, and taxes. Knowing how much you are spending in a month will put you in an excellent position to start saving. 

Don’t Forget To Haggle

Bargaining is one way of saving. Companies offer prices that might not be their cheapest. If you have come across a more affordable deal online, use it as a bargaining tool to lower the quote. You can use this tactic on various expenses in your home. For example, you can apply it to your insurance, internet, phone, energy, among others. 

Get Cheaper Deals on Your Bills

Due to various lockdowns, many people have been forced to work from home. This can result in higher gas and energy usage, increasing your bills. Try and reduce the cost by turning off appliances you are not using. Furthermore, you can think of replacing the old devices with modern, energy-efficient ones. This can significantly reduce your bills. Washing clothes at lower temperatures is an energy-saving method you can use. 

There are so many ways of reducing energy costs in your home. You can install double glazing or consider getting a new energy-efficient boiler. Buying these appliances at lower prices can also save you some money. Research shows that businesses charge less for loyal customers who shop regularly. To get products at the best prices, try using price comparison sites and see how much you can save. 

Don’t Buy Things You Can Get for Free

As the year starts, many people will be thinking of treating themselves to new products. This means that there will be others trying to get rid of old ones. Such products are put up for grabs on community groups like Freegle, Freecycle, and Gumtree in many cases. Given that many people tend to ignore these groups, you can easily find treasures here: from washing machines to dining tables. It is also an excellent way to get rid of something when you find what you want. 

Buy Second Hand Instead of New

Many people sold unwanted things during the lockdown. This means that secondhand dealers have plenty of things to sell. Instead of spending so much money buying new things, visit one of these outlets and take your chances. Don’t be surprised if you get a perfect item at a throwaway price. Many of such outlets are also available online; you can easily google them and pay them a visit. 

Go for Cheaper Rates When Sending Money

If you get any goods or services from abroad, you should go for cheaper rates when sending money. To do this, use sites like CompareRemit to compare the current exchange rates. This way, you will save a significant amount of money. Check out the current USD to PHP exchange rate and pick one that works best for you. 

Try Online Shopping

You stand a good chance of saving money by shopping online. This is even better if you import products from abroad. For example, some people in the UK import clothes from the US. It is essential to check the rates before making your purchase.  

Compare Supermarket Prices Before Shopping

There are so many apps you can use to compare supermarket prices. Comparing prices will put you in a better position to save money. You will find outlets with lower prices compared to what you are used to. It is essential not to compromise on quality when looking for lower prices.


Now that you know the various ways you can save money in 2021, you should plan on starting to save. Financial stability is best achieved through saving, and the methods discussed in this article will help you do so.

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