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7 Reasons Why an IMBA is Invaluable for an Entrepreneur

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Before we jump into anything, it’s important to establish what the IMBA is. Simply put, an IMBA is an ‘International Master of Business Administration’, or an ‘International MBA. The program is made up of a very similar curriculum and academic training of a traditional MBA while focusing on international business relations, cultures and practices. If you have not heard of an IMBA and are trying to break into international markets both personally or with your business, you may want to read on.

An IMBA can open doors for both aspiring and established business leaders in more ways that one. The program is designed to broaden and strengthen knowledge in global business practices, it couldn’t be more perfect for taking your career in the world of business to the next level.

Below, we give you seven reasons why an IMBA can help you expand your knowledge and explain how it provides you with the best networking opportunities and peer group, all to get your career to where it needs to be.


This program can train you in the fundamentals of how an international business operates. It will also provide you with the practical tools and theory necessary to adapt to and work in global industries. Being an MBA in essence, there are of course theoretical elements to this program, however, throughout the duration of the course, you will be given assignments that require you to apply both international business theory and practice. An example would be analysis and commentary in a business plan to reach new and international markets, you will be presented with multiple opportunities to create business projects and adapt it to work in multiple countries outside of where you are based.



Naturally, employers recognize the extensive hard work required to successfully earn an International MBA. You won’t be surprised to hear that the program is regarded highly amongst global organizations and a range of respected companies. Generally, an IMBA demonstrates that you have the necessary theoretical and practical business expertise to adapt to an international professional environment. Adding the IMBA qualification to your CV and company profile can also help you expand your existing client base if you have a business already. What client wouldn’t want to work with such an educated and open-minded individual?


The multicultural exposure from studying an IMBA is unparalleled if you want to forge a career in international business. The value of experiencing new cultures and a different academic environment from your home country is immeasurable. You will learn problem-solving and decision-making skills in a unique environment which combines the perspectives of practitioners and scholars from around the world.


An IMBA seminar room is typically made up of professionals from multiple countries and warps of life. Due to the collaborative learning style of these courses, you will have the opportunity to learn from different people from all different cultural and business backgrounds, getting you out of your comfort zone and trying new things with people who have different perspectives to your own. You will be exposed to a variety of global business philosophies and have the opportunity to establish strong international business relationships. The program gives you the opportunity to learn from each other and connect with professional leaders in a substantial way which will go a lot further than a generic invitation on Linkedin.

As a result of this collaborative learning is you will develop the skills and confidence necessary to integrate with an array of diverse cultures. These skills can enhance your international business potential and your proficiency in conversing with the right people for potential career opportunities.


As discussed, many IMBA students are working professionals. Anything learned from others on this program will help you to build on your own existing knowledge and allow you to take your ideas further. Studying on an IMBA program will allow you to expand your professional horizons as you gain knowledge and skills relevant to international business development, research, consulting and management.

To name an example, a marketing manager for a retail company could leverage his or her degree to take on roles with higher responsibilities in international operations or international market research. By applying the skills and understanding learned from this type of course, you can excel in a broad range of new areas, and reach professional roles you hadn’t dreamed of before.


A significant portion of studying for your IMBA involves evaluating the core components of entrepreneurship. Throughout the program, you will be given the opportunity to work independently or in a group. You will be encouraged to showcase your personal ideas as well as your combined ideas to tutors and in turn, receive vital constructive feedback. This sort of feedback will also happen at group level so you can streamline your ideas to something that would work in the real world of business. In summary, an IMBA provides a professional support system which you may not have had without the course. Seminars can act as ideas incubator, turning one good idea into three or four great ones.  This support system can be vital for starting your own business and can help you tackle the various obstacles involved.


Often, steady careers can begin to feel stagnant, with advancements taking longer than initially hoped. By shifting the focus and re-embarking on your education, you can rediscover the foundations of your selected field and the reasons you chose it to begin with. Because an IMBA widens your skill set, you may even discover an entirely new profession that better suits your future prospects.

In addition to providing valuable exposure to international cultures and business processes, an IMBA pushes you towards significant career development in both your chosen fields and opportunities outside of it. The unique design of the program will allow you to achieve professional success globally while acquiring new skills and preparing to tackle new important business decisions

Now we have explained the advantages, we hope you consider an IMBA a viable option for helping you to take your career to the next exciting level.  


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