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3 Cleaning Tips That Will REALLY Help You Keep The House Spotless

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As an adult, cleaning is a part of our day-to-day life and can feel like a constant battle to keep on top of things, especially when children are added into the mix. There are ways to make things easier, though. The simplest solution is to find a cleaner to do the work for you, such as Maid2Match end of lease cleaning. This can help free up time so that you’re spending it on quality activities with your family or pursuing hobbies. This isn’t an option for everyone, though, and the rest of us need as many ways to make the daily clean easier.

Get rid of that nasty smell in your sink.

With all the stuff that gets thrown down it, it’s hardly surprising that it starts to smell from time to time. A combination of food waste and grease can begin to clog up the drain and make the whole kitchen smell. If you need a quick fix or don’t want to use a harsh chemical-based unclogger, try using a combination of baking soda and lemon juice to get the drain smelling better. Simply start the hot water running and once hot, slowly pour about a cup of baking soda down the drain. Following this up is about a cup of lemon juice, which will react with the baking soda to remove the grime and get the drain smelling lemony fresh.

If you have a garbage disposal, and you find that the smell lingers after the lemon and baking soda treatment, you can try using ice cubes made of white wine vinegar and lemon to help things further. Add the white wine vinegar and chunks of lemon and lemon juice to an ice cube tray and freeze as usual. Throw these down the disposal and run it, so that everything gets crushed up and the ingredients can disperse and make your drain smell fresh again.

Get rid of rust with this weird trick.

If you have rusty cast iron pots or if anything around the house is starting to get rusty, you can use a potato to clean it right off. Whoever discovered this deserves a medal for creativity. You slice the potato and then cover the end in baking soda (our best friend). Use this to clean the rust implement then. If it starts to get dirty or slick, just cut off a slice and start again.

Make your microwave great again.

After a few weeks of use, you’ll probably find that the inside of your fridge is starting to get a bit funky. A good scrub will probably do the trick, but if you find that there’s a lingering smell, try using lemons to air it out. Take about half a cup of water and measure it into a bowl. Then, add a couple of sliced lemons to the water and microwave on the highest setting for 2-3 minutes. When it finishes, don’t open the door but let the bowl steam for a while, loosening off any extra stuff plastered to the walls. After about 5 minutes, open the door and wipe it down.

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