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How to Find the Best Homeowners Insurance

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Your home is the most substantial investment you will make in your lifetime, and that means that you need to protect it. When it comes to finding the best homeowners insurance, you want to be a little bit picky.

There is no shortage of insurance companies who say they can offer you the best policy at the lowest rate. But they can’t all be right. Thus, when it comes to zeroing down the right insurance for your home and property, follow the tips listed below.

Get the Right Coverage

Every state has requirements for their homeowners insurance, and if you take out a loan to buy your home, then your financial lender will probably have some rules and regulations as well. If you are underinsured, this could have a huge impact on how much money you have to pay out of pocket to repair any damage that might occur to your home.

On the other hand, too much coverage isn’t helpful either. Then, you’ll be paying more than necessary each month for your premium. Thus, when it comes to finding the right coverage, it’s advised that you buy enough insurance to cover the labor and materials to completely rebuild your home. Since this amount can vary depending on where you live, talking to an insurance agent is the best way to find this figure.

Make Sure Your Assets Are Covered

In addition to getting the best homeowners insurance to cover your home in case of repair or replacement, you also need to protect the other assets on your property. Based on the insurance company you work with, the ability to cover your assets may be included in a basic plan, or they might be extras. If they are addons, this could have an impact on how much you pay for insurance each month.

Some of the assets you should consider covering include the following:

  • Sewer backup – if a municipal line failure causes the sewer to back up into your home, having this insurance coverage will help you pay for the cleanup and damage costs
  • Extended replacement cost – depending on the coverage you get, this could pay between 10 to 50 percent above the limit of your basic building costs; this could be beneficial if rebuilding your home ends up costing more than you anticipated
  • Contents replacement cost – a basic insurance plan may only reimburse the depreciated or cash value of your belongings if they are stolen or damaged from your home; having this add on will ensure you get the full reimbursement value of any contents of your home that you have documented as belonging to you
  • Inflation protection – the price of building materials increases from year to year, and if you have added this extra to your insurance policy, you won’t pay these extra expenses out of your pocket

Look for Ways to Lower Your Monthly Payments

When it comes to finding the best homeowners insurance, not only does it cover everything you need it to cover, but the payments are also affordable. Some of the ways to lower your monthly payments include doing the following:

  • Bundle your coverage – Getting homeowners and auto insurance from the same company can help you save every month.
  • Increase your deductible – The higher your deductible, the lower your monthly payment; consider raising your deductible from $500 to $1,000 to save money on your monthly payments.
  • Make some home improvements – Adding a home security system, upgrading old plumbing, or replacing the outdated electrical system in your home are all ways that you can save on your monthly insurance bill.

After investing your hard-earned money in a home, make sure you are protected. Finding the best homeowners insurance may take some time and effort, but it’s worth it.

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