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What Does a Home Warranty Cover and Will it Protect Your Business?

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While insurance might not be everyone’s favorite topic – especially since it only seems to matter when something goes wrong – there is no denying that it is one of the most crucial parts of ensuring that you have an extra layer of security no matter the scenario. Being thorough with the many different types of insurance and making the most out of your coverage will allow you to protect yourself from big repair costs, making key payments now to potentially save a substantial amount later on. 

That said, things can be a little confusing when you consider the different insurance types that cover business or home. After all, it would not be feasible to make use of every type of coverage, as there are some that overshadow others. One of the primary examples would be home warranty insurance, as it works in tandem with home insurance to provide you with full coverage that extends not just to your home, but your business as well.

The Difference Between a Home Warranty and Home Insurance

One of the primary differences between the two is that home warranty insurance is considered to be a consumer product, which means that it differs from home insurance and many other types of coverage available. A home warranty typically covers appliances such as dishwashers, garage door openers, and refrigerators, among others. It also covers systems such as electrical, ductwork, heating, and plumbing.

On the other hand, home insurance is all about keeping your possessions protected from known perils such as vandalism, fire, theft, hail, and other events. While it is somewhat similar to the insurance a home warranty provides, it would still be a good idea to consider both – especially when running a business from home.

How Does a Home Warranty Protect My Business?

It might seem like an odd notion to think that a home warranty also extends to protecting your business, but there are plenty of reasons why a home warranty is essential. One of the primary reasons why people go for a home warranty is the fact that the coverage for appliances and systems goes past the manufacturer’s warranty. It also means that you do not have to worry about home repairs or tracking down a skilled contractor in the event that anything goes wrong.

It is not uncommon for a business owner, especially a startup owner, to have essential processes of their business occur at home. It might make use of specific appliances covered by a home warranty, or it can be something as simple as providing peace of mind. The use of specific types of coverage is not necessarily just because it is required by law. Such types of insurance can help ensure that you do not have to worry about being blindsided by issues brought about by things you cannot control.

Similar to how a small business might make use of a business owner’s policy to provide the necessary coverage, it is all about covering your bases to make sure that you can focus on other aspects without worrying about anything else.

Is Home Warranty Insurance Essential?

The use of home warranty insurance is not necessarily essential when it comes to home management. That said, it offers an extra layer of security and peace of mind in ways that homeowner insurance cannot. It also has the added benefit of being useful for those who happen to be working from home, as it provides protection past the manufacturer’s warranty for many different appliances. 

If you are interested in making use of home insurance, it is never a bad idea to make use of home warranty insurance for an extra layer of protection.

Taking advantage of insurance, in general, is all about researching the many different types of coverage you can use and taking advantage of insurance packages. It might seem like something of a burden for those who just want to focus on their responsibilities, insurance provides you the opportunity to spend now in order to save later, as it protects you from potentially troublesome events. While home warranty insurance is not mandatory, having it alongside home insurance is an excellent way of keeping your home – and potentially your business – covered.

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