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Hidden Harmful Chemicals in Cosmetics and Beauty Products You Need to Avoid at Any Cost

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When talking about skin, it is one of the largest organs that absorb. Therefore, anything we are putting on our skin will be directly soaked in our bloodstream. Either good or bad, it will be absorbed instantaneously and gets soaked in our bloodstream right away. For the medicines we consume, the benefit can be that it passes through our detoxification organs such as kidney, colon, and liver, where the enzymes in our body help in breaking down the substances. But the products, creams, ointments, lotions, and cosmetics we are using goes completely unfiltered straight into our bloodstream.

Women are excessively exposed to these products that might be dangerous for their skin and health. On average, 12 products are used by American women every day, whereas a teenager uses 17 products a day on an average. This is clearly indicating the risks the females are being exposed to every day, without their knowledge at all. It is even researched that the toxin ingredients found in beauty products can be a bigger danger to unborn babies. It is found that due to the toxins being used in cosmetics and beauty products, the newborn babies have nearly 55 to 121 toxic compounds within them at the time of birth that can prove to be cancer-causing agents for them in later life.

The most painful things are that many leading cosmetics and personal care products manufacturer is overlooking the negative impact of these harmful chemicals. In the United States, there are no policies to either get rid of such harmful products or give a warning label on the packaging. The European Union though have completely banned such products. Let us discuss some extremely hazardous ingredients found in beauty products and cosmetics that are being a greater risk to humans as well as to the environment.

1. Butylated Hydroxyanisole (BHA) and Butylated Hydroxytoluene (BHT)

This chemical has been listed by the International Agency for Research on Cancer as a carcinogenic chemical, leading to cancer. Though this chemical is not restricted at all in the US, fortunately in California, BHA has been listed on the products ingredient side and labeled as a cancer-causing agent in the human body.

2. Coal tar dyes or PPD

Usage of coal tar dyes is a very common ingredient in the makeup industry. Due to its feature of providing long-lasting and rich hair color, its usage is famous in cosmetics all over the world. But researchers claim that like all the petroleum-based products coal tar dyes also carry severe health risks, which includes non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

3. Cyclomethicone and Siloxanes

Many people must have come across those products that contain siloxane, especially when they are seeking solutions like dry underarms or a smooth and subtle makeup base for them. Not known to many individuals is that siloxane can actually interfere with the hormonal functions after being absorbed and it can literally damage the liver. The European study declared siloxane as a highly concerning ingredient.

4. Ethanolamines (Ammonia Compounds)— Diethanolamine (DEA), Monoethanolamine (MEA) and Triethanolamine (TEA)

These acronyms not just look unfriendly, but they are also way too harmful beyond your imagination. They are popularly used in foaming and creamy products for instance soaps, shampoo, moisturizers, and sunscreens. The ugly truth behind this is that it is a cancer-causing nitrosamine which is extremely damaging for human life.

5. Dibutyl Phthalate

Dibutyl phthalate is widely known for keeping the nail polishes from chipping, making the PVC remain lithe and flexible and a common ingredient in dyes and fragrances. What we don’t know is that this chemical can actually interfere with the hormonal functions of females, especially during their pregnancy. It also affects males and can decrease their sperm count.

6. Formaldehyde-Releasing Preservatives (DMDM Hydantoin, Diazolidinyl Urea, Imidazolidinyl Urea, Methenamine or Quaternium-15)

Formaldehyde is used as a preservative in the cosmetics and is known to be an active ingredient in many toilet bowl cleaners. You can check yourself, a chemical that is used in cleaning the toilet bowl and the same being used in your cosmetics, does that even make sense? This chemical is basically used in nail and hair products and also in moisturizers. In a recent study, it is declared that it causes cancer.

7. Parabens

Parabens are extensively used ingredient in many makeups and moisturizers, it is a common chemical used in the majority of the products. But to surprise you, it is also linked with causing impairing to hormonal functions in both males and females. It is studied that Parabens actually mimic the effects of estrogen, which is typically an imbalanced state of hormones leading to breast cancer in women and problems in male reproductive functions.

8. Parfum

You can find perfume in almost every product, even those that are labeled as ‘unscented’. It is a compound ingredient made in the combination of many chemicals such as essential oils. Since these are many chemicals used together and none of the brands feels safe to share their signature scent, therefore a regular term ‘parfum’ is used. Many people can have some allergic concerns with the chemicals not listed on the packaging of cosmetics or beauty products, resulting in severe allergic reactions, bad migraines, and even asthmatic concerns.

9. Polyethylene Glycols or PEG

PEG is widely used in conditioners, deodorants, and moisturizers. It is researched that it contains 1,4-dioxane that causes cancer. Though, if it is in pure form it is generally marked as safe. But the reality is Ethylene oxide is itself harmful and when used in cosmetics it can cause developmental issues and can be carcinogenic. So we recommend staying away from PEG too.

10. Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)

It is a common foaming agent found in beauty products such as shampoos, cleansers, and bubble bath products and is also used in dish soaps. Just imagine, a foaming agent that you can find in your shampoo is even found in dish soaps you are using to clean your dishes, won’t it be harmful? SLES and SLS are researched to cause damage to the liver when it is absorbed. Therefore it is recommended to use gloves while cleaning your dishes, now we got it.

11. Triclosan

One of the most popular toxins found in cosmetics is actually an effective antibacterial chemical you can find in your toothpaste, laundry detergents, and hand sanitizers. Researches indicate that triclosan stays in the environment even after we are no longer using it and it kills helpful algae that are important for human growth.

12. Retinyl Palmitate and Vitamin A

It is a quite popular ingredient used in anti-redness, acne serums, and anti-aging creams to protect the skin. But what is found is terrifying, it is researched that when exposed to the sun, this can actually speed up the hazardous effects of UV rays.

13. Oxybenzone (BP-3/ Benzophenone) and Octinoxate (Octyl Methoxycinnamate)

These are typically two chemicals that we can find in our sunscreen products, which can actually disturb our hormonal system. It is recommended to use those sunscreens that have titanium oxide, zinc oxide, and avobenzone, as they are marked safe for your skin.

14. Synthetic Colors

Also known as FD&C colors or D&C colors found in our cosmetics widely. They are not only the hazardous cancer-causing agent but is also linked with ADHD that is found in children. The European Union has labeled it as carcinogenic chemical and is banned by them.

15. Resorcinol

It is an active ingredient used in bleaching products. There are many governments that have limited its usage in workplaces such as salons and spa, but sadly does not ban it, resulting in it being used in personal care products. Resorcinol can cause damage to the immune system and can interfere with the hormones.

16. Toluene

It is a common solvent used in nail polishes. Overexposure of toluene can causes problems with your brain and nerves. Excessive exposure can lead to cognitive impairment, hearing loss, vision problems, and even memory loss.

Brands Secretly Destroying You

As per the latest news that is revealed by the nonprofit Women’s Voice for the Earth, there are more than 1200 toxic chemicals being used by brands you can’t imagine. The Personal Care Products Council called aboard to discuss the chemicals being used in the products and after the test of several products it is found that there are many toxic chemicals that are being used as an ingredient in much personal care, hair care, and beauty products.

Terrifying instances include the case of Johnson & Johnson in July 2018, where the brand was ordered to pay a settlement amount worth $4.96 billion to 22, women. They found asbestos in their talcum baby powder that caused ovarian cancer. Similarly, Guthy-Renker who is the manufacturer of WEN hair products had to settle down a class-action lawsuit for nearly $26 million when consumers complained about severe rashes and hair loss. There are many more brutal cases where the companies had to face the court for their products and the harmful chemicals they are using in them.

Is Organic Products a Solution?

A few years back, a new concept raises that organic products are not harmful at all and it does not contain any hazardous chemicals. But you know, this is not the case with every organic product. Some organic products still have some toxic substances while there are many products being sold in the name of being organic but in reality, they are not. They are just labeled as organic to attract people.

Well, a high-quality organic product can do wonders which are beyond imagination. As per the research, organic ingredients contain antioxidant properties that actually protect yours against damages being caused by UV radiation and environmental pollution. According to a review study, green tea is helpful in fighting against hyperpigmentation, rosacea, and acne. Whereas colloidal oatmeal and the aloe vera is found to be useful in reducing the effects of atopic dermatitis and psoriasis. Turmeric, acai berry, and pomegranate are also found to be beneficial as they help in balancing the damage that is caused by scorching sun rays. Products with natural ingredients such as oils extracted from plants including borage oil, olive oil, and argan oil actually promote healthy skin and protects from antioxidants and anti-inflammatory effects.

Choosing the Right Product Solely Depends on Us

It is true that there are not many regulations to stop the use of harmful ingredients in our cosmetics and beauty care products. But, it is up to us to choose wisely only those products about whom we are sure of being safe to use.

Every day we are being exposed to hazardous chemicals from which we cannot escape, such as plastics, pesticides, car exhaustion, etc. But by choosing safer cosmetics, skincare and hair care products we can at least control the intoxicating effects that go directly into our system through our bloodstream.

Not every company is bad, there exist numerous brands that are showing responsibility, transparency and are in safety testing of makeup and skincare products for men, women, and kids. Again, never go blind with products labeled as natural or organic as they might contain some kind or other chemicals in them that can be toxic for your health. Be cautious in choosing safer products that mention their ingredients and are committed towards safer testing and have complete transparency. Make your decisions wisely, not blindly.

Sharing this information doesn’t mean to give you a panic attack, instead, to spread awareness so that you can make smart decisions in your life now. As we have already mentioned before that not every brand is harmful, therefore we suggest you read the label and ingredients of your products vigilantly, before making your purchase decision. If you are looking for safer products, than login to Farosh.pk and check out Beauty and Health category to find reliable products. Farosh is itself involved in offering healthy and genuine products to its customers to ensure a happy and healthy life for them. Check out the recent discount offer to avail exceptional discount on almost all products.

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