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Growing Your Business? How to Keep Your Eye on Potential Job Candidates

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All businesses need to grow. This is a simple fact of life in the modern business world. But in order to grow, you have to consider expansion. And this often requires bringing in new people to help you with innovation and with moving your company forward.

But how do you find these people while still focusing on present business tasks?

Recruiters and hiring managers have many more tools in our present digital age than ever before in history to keep up with company needs where employment is concerned. In fact, with recruitment marketing strategies, you can easily find qualified job candidates, and keep a lookout for these potential candidates for when the time comes to expand your team.

In 2022, people are still reevaluating their worth after what’s been dubbed as the “great resignation” due to the pandemic. And with so many potential candidates actively looking for something new, this opens many doors for recruiters and hiring managers. Here, we’ll explore a few ways you can use recruitment marketing to build your team.


Focus on Generating Interest

When anticipating growth and expansion, you need to keep interest in your company as a prospect for employment at a high level. And this might mean that you’ll have to engage in aggressive marketing. But aggressive marketing, when it comes to generating interest in your company, doesn’t mean that you have to bombard potential candidates daily with ads and push notifications about your company. If anything, this might prove to be annoying.

One of the ways that you can help to maintain interest is to keep an email list or track previous users who’ve expressed interest in your company. By simply sending out a weekly or biweekly newsletter detailing the great things about your company culture, you’ll be able to use these as subtle reminders.

Basically, even if a previous candidate expressed interest and has already secured employment, there’s nothing wrong with keeping interest in your company in his or her mind.

Increase Your Brand Awareness Programs

In the world of business, brand awareness is key for generating consumer interest in your company. But this is also key for maintaining interest for potential job candidates.

For example, even if you’re not in a hiring phase currently but you’re expecting to be, generating more brand awareness is going to be key in the future for luring potential candidates into your job portal, and for keeping an eye on potential candidates who’ve already shown interest in the past.

This is simply because the more a potential candidate knows about your business, the more he or she might be interested in employment with your company.

With recruitment marketing, you can use your company blog to generate content that details strides made by your company, or content that explores your company’s core values and philosophy. And when potential candidates interact with your blog, you can also tag and track these users.

By making your brand known, you’ll be able to keep your company on the minds of potential candidates. And by using this approach, when it comes time to hire, you might also see a mad rush of eager candidates ready to work for your company.

Social Media

Of all the ways that you can keep your eye on potential job candidates for future hiring purposes, the thing you’ll want to do is to be active on your company’s social media profiles. And this is also a great way to see who’s interested in your company.

By posting regularly about your company’s progress, new or upcoming business deals, or expansion projects, you’re likely to generate a great deal of interest. In fact, you may even have potential job candidates reaching out to you on your social profiles directly.

Social media marketing is also a great tool for recruiters because you can build a potential candidate list based on many of your followers. You can also create ad campaigns to keep your company fresh on the minds of potential candidates or create landing pages that lead to your career portal.

Staying constantly active on social media is the key to making your company’s social media profiles work to your advantage. And when it’s time to expand, you’ll likely have a fresh pool of potential candidates to reach out to.

More than ever, image and word-of-mouth are crucial. Traditional values such as feedback, honesty, and trust should still be central to your corporate success. At the end of the day, your employees are the lifeblood of your company.


When your business is growing, it’s up to recruiters and hiring managers to keep their ear to the ground and to always be on the lookout for potential job candidates. By using this strategy, when your business is ready to hire, you’ll be ready to begin attracting the perfect candidates to build your team.

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