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How To Garner Likes Using Instagram Hashtag Generator?

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Even the most inexperienced Instagrammer notices that many people use hashtags under their posts. Hashtags turn keywords into clickable links that combine their key meaning and then group other publications on similar topics.

Initially, such a phenomenon as hashtag appeared on Twitter. However, today, hashtags are popular in almost every social network. Hashtags help in the shortest time to find the necessary information since they structure all published content.

Besides, hashtags can be used strategically, namely, to attract attention to the account. For this purpose, you need to have the basic knowledge about hashtags and the working methods of their choices.

This guide will help you to learn what hashtags are and how to find them using hashtag generator. However, about everything in order!

What Is a Hashtag?

It is generally accepted that hashtags are special words that are preceded by a “#” sign. It is this sign that makes the word clickable and transfers it to a specific group with a similar theme. The hashtag helps users find the needed Instagram content in a short time. Besides, hashtags are a great tool for attracting an audience to your blog or Instagram store.

There are several rules for writing hashtags grammatically correctly.

  • The first one is using the “#” sign before the word.
  • Secondly, if the future hashtag consists of several words, then they should be written without spaces.
  • Thirdly, if the hashtag includes numbers, then they must also be written without spaces.
  • Finally, it can stand at the beginning of the text, in the middle or at the end, its setting will not affect its work in any way.

Should you use hashtags on Instagram? Let me answer briefly – absolutely yes! You need to put hashtags under your Instagram posts. Here I’ve prepared some obvious reasons for that:

  • Ease of search. Your target audience will be able to find your account faster if you add the right hashtags that reflect the topic of your posts as accurately as possible.
  • High engagement rate. According to statistics, posts that include at least a few hashtags have 13% more engagement than posts without hashtags.
  • Stable army of followers. Hashtags not only help to find your account in search results, but also encourage users to follow your account and relevant news.

However, there is a small clarification. You can’t mindlessly put hashtags. In a reverse situation, they will not bring you real benefits and high engagement rates. If you want to get the desired popularity, you need to use trending and working hashtags. How can you find such hashtags correctly? Instagram hashtag generator will do everything for you!

Instagram Hashtag Generator: The Reliable Tool!

Hashtag finder is a special tool that is based on AI-technology. It takes a few seconds to select relevant and trending hashtags for your Instagram posts.

As a rule, you can customize the search using three possible ways:

  • Search by keywords;
  • Search by photo;
  • Search by URL link.

Search by keywords means that you need to write several related words on the subject of your post. Then the service will select more than 100 trending hashtags for instant use. Moreover, the service shows the popularity of the chosen tag, as well as its frequency: high and medium.

Search by photo means that you need to upload the main photo of your future or existing publication and the service will select the most relevant hashtags based on the main its theme.

Search by URL link means that you need to add a relevant link of an existing post, based on which the service will select trending hashtags for this publication.

This is the main stage, where you need to choose about 15 hashtags. 15 is not a mandatory number, but we recommend you use a such number of hashtags.

In general, Instagram allows using no more than 30 hashtags per post. According to statistics, users do not like lots of hashtags under one post. They distract the attention of the primary theme.

Therefore, it is better to choose 7 high hashtags and 8 medium hashtags. This symbiosis allows focusing on the most frequent queries and also searching from the different audiences of the users.

Another point is where to place hashtags: in the main paragraph or the first comment. There is no specific rule because no matter where you put them because they will work and attract interested users to your account at any place.

But there is something more important. Many users don’t like when such a large amount of hashtags is used immediately after a text post because it is annoying and distracting the attention. Therefore, it is possible to separate the placement of the hashtags from the main text by using a special function that the hashtag generator has. It saves users time and effort because it does everything automatically without routine manual work.

Conclusion: Is It Worth Using?

It should be understood that this article only superficially introduced you to such a tool as the hashtag search. However, we hope we could identify the main points of this tool that can help you when making a decision.

Therefore, if you want to save time on the choosing of hashtags and, at the same time, get an effective result, the hashtag generator is exactly the reliable assistant that you need to try right now.

P.S. Also, it works for other social networks such as Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, Facebook, etc.

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