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How to organize a working nook?

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Employers around the world have begun to give preference to remote collaboration due to the pandemic and multiple lockdowns – this allows companies to find a professional anywhere in the world and reduce or even completely eliminate the cost of renting office space. Modern communications and online task managers make up for the lack of live communication. For the specialists themselves, working from home is no less convenient – you can independently plan the day, travel, and not be in the office eight hours a day. But for effective work at home, it is necessary to properly organize the workplace. Not everyone has a separate office in the apartment. The work area has to be created in a regular room. How to organize a perfect working nook? In today’s article, we will introduce you to several of the most interesting and incomparable ideas that have been formulated by talented designers and specialists from all over the world.


1. Choose a quiet place in an apartment or house

Try to find a room where you will not be distracted by households, TV, or street noise. Focusing on work at home is already challenging. Placing a table in a walk-through room is not a good idea. You can choose a corner in the bedroom, preferably by the window, where there is enough natural light.

2. Set up the shelves so that everything is at hand

Regardless of the activity, if you work from home, you need certain things. If you are sewing, then the sewing machine, all materials and accessories should be at arm’s length, and if you are programming, there is a computer next to it and various gadgets. When you get up during a workflow to find something you want, you get distracted. Shelves with papers, folders and other items should be located at a convenient height for you, not 10 feet away or in the other room. Install wall shelves up to the ceiling to make the most of this free area.

3. Choose a chair with orthopedic properties

Sitting for a long time, especially in an uncomfortable position, will soon start to hurt your back. This leads to serious problems with the musculoskeletal system, blood circulation and other body systems. The optimal choice would be an orthopedic chair with a design that takes into account the anatomical features of the body and the regulation of height and tilt. The site homey design store has a wide selection of chairs for work, here you can find stylish and reliable products.

4. Organize comfortable lighting

Ceiling lighting and desktop/local lighting are important for convenient and efficient work. Choose a cool light, it helps concentrate. It is better to give preference to frosted bulbs so that the light does not dazzle. Position the lamp so that the vertical angle between the light source and the eye line does not exceed 30 degrees.

5. For walls and furniture, choose soothing colors

A soft, unobtrusive palette helps you tune in to the working mood. Therefore, pastel, neutral tones are better suited for walls.

6. Take care of wires and extension cords

The workplace in the home in most cases involves the installation of equipment that requires electrical power. This is a computer, a printer, a table lamp, and an electric kettle – the list is not so small. For safety, it is important to provide convenient wiring and extension cords. It is better to hide the wires or fixate them with clips. There are also special boxes for wires – no one will stumble around your desk.

7. Avoid contrast between the work area and the main interior décor

For example, you decided to organize a workspace in the bedroom, where classic English style prevails. It is advisable to choose furniture and accessories that fit into the atmosphere of the room. This way you will not be feeling an inevitable subconscious distraction due to the contract.

8. Get drawers and shelves that close tightly

If you have children or pets, it is best to have a locker or drawer with a tight lid. This way you will save the work that you have most likely spent more than one day on. It is important to keep flash drives, documentation and all the most valuable things away from possible troubles.

9. Do not forget to add a place of rest to the work area

No matter how comfortable your chair is, your back will get tired, and so will your eyes. Place a small sofa or armchair next to your desk. Here you can have a coffee or just lie down for 15-20 minutes.

10. Make your workplace cozy

The work area should be pleasant to be in. In offices, employees try to decorate the table with photographs, vases and knickknacks. This helps to feel comfortable, and the result of the work depends on the mood.

11. Pay attention to non-standard places for organizing a workplace

The home office is usually located in the bedroom or living room, sometimes in the kitchen. However, you can arrange a comfortable and secluded place to work in the pantry or on the balcony (if, of course, there are suitable conditions, including heating). This will save space in living rooms and isolate yourself from those who like to distract you during the work process.

12. Arrange storage space with a niche

The niches in the wall look very cozy and at the same time allow you to keep many things at hand.

13. Use compact furniture or transformers

There is not always enough free space in the room to comfortably equip the work area. In this case, you can choose a folding table or other furniture that is easy to hide.

14. Extend the sill to organize the cabinet

In most apartments, the window sill can be extended to create a comfortable table that does not take up much space. It could be a perfect workplace in small apartments.

15. Decorate your workspace with a houseplant

Cacti and other plants, which are usually placed near the computer, help create a comfortable atmosphere. It is believed that our green friends also absorb harmful radiation from technology.

16. Is there a free corner in your apartment or house?

Use it as an office. Bookshelves allow you to maximize the potential of this space. Complete the furniture set with a cozy armchair, ottoman and coffee table, perfect for a calm and serene reading. A curved work table with an oval surface and easy access to files and office drawers will increase the fruitfulness and success of creative and work activities.

17. Use the benefits of panoramic windows

A table and two comfortable armchairs can be placed in front of a panoramic window. The desk opposite the window opening allows the owner to enjoy the city view while the work is in full swing.

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