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How to Increase Productivity at Work

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Whether you are a startup owner or an employee working in a firm, you need to put in hours of hard work to gain financially. As is rightly said, ‘there is no shortcut to success’ and to achieve your level of success, you must be ready to put in hard work.

There are basically two ways of getting success; either you work unabashedly day and night without caring about anything else or you work smartly. It has been seen that while many people go the first way, there are many others that choose the second, the much smarter way of working.

Working smartly does not mean that you are cutting corners or dumping your work on someone else but it denotes working with such methodologies that do not let you get tired easily. When you remain fresh and vigorous, you can do more work. So, it is basically about increasing your productivity at work by working the smarter way.

Here are the tips that you can follow to increase your productivity at work and profitability in business:

Take Rests Briefly

It is essential to keep your mind from getting fatigued because when your mind is tired; it directs the entire body to be so. You must take small breaks from your work every now and then. You can set an alarm for an hour which will remind you to take a five to ten-minute break. When you take short breaks from your work, your mind and body get refreshed. You can go for a coffee break or simply a stroll down to the café. The short activity will rejuvenate your tired eyes, mind, and body and you will return a fresher person.

Organize Your Work

It is always suggested that you must not carry work, home. However, it pays to be an organized person. You must schedule the next day’s work which will enable you to begin it timely when you arrive the next day. You will not waste time on looking for what you have to do for the day. You can make a timetable for the entire week and keep ticking things that are done or schedule each day’s work as it comes.  Organizing your work will make your task easier and simpler. It will reduce the mental fatigue and anxiety that is associated with incomplete work and pressure.

Take work one at a time

Multi-tasking has become the order of the day. People have so many things to do during the day that they end up being completely drained out by the end of the day. Mentally fatigued, such people start losing their productivity because there are several unfinished tasks at hand. Therefore, to increase efficiency and productivity at work, you must take one work at a time. It is good to finish one task before taking up another. This way, you are assured that at least your work is being completed and that you are giving your complete attention and concentration to it. Moreover, the sense of achievement of completing tasks meticulously will infuse a sense of energy and vitality which will further push you towards your work.

Keep Distractive Elements at Bay

Productivity at work is affected when you are distracted. There are so many things that can distract you. In the present digital age, the first thing that is very distracting is your mobile phone. You are constantly popped up with messages and notifications which catch your attention. The urge to check these notifications in the middle of the work must be curtailed. You must not use mobile phones or laptops for purposes other than your work, at least during the working hours.

Similarly, you must also keep those colleagues at bay that are known to chatter. Such people do not complete their work on time and disturb others. You must plainly confront such people and let them know that you have worked at hand and you need to complete it.

Set Limits

Setting up deadlines and imposing them on yourself is a good way of being productive. When you follow the deadlines religiously, you are sure to complete all work within the scheduled time. This will not only bring fame and popularity for you but it will also inculcate a sense of discipline in your life. You will learn to respect the time and follow the limits that you set for yourself.

Work in a clean Space

One of the first things that you must ensure to increase productivity at work is keeping your workspace clean and clutter free. Having a cluttered workspace will not only reduce your productivity but will also name as a confused person. You will spend a lot of time finding your things, documents, emails, and messages of importance. This time can be effectively used in doing productive work. Therefore, be an organized person and keep your work area clean.

Have a Small and Healthy Lunch

Eating a heavy lunch will leave you fatigued and tired. You will want to take a nap after your meal and this will take a toll on your work. You can take granola bars, berries or water-based fruits for lunch. These food items will make you feel full while not make you feel drowsy or tired. You will be able to work with the same vigor and vitality. You will be upbeat even after lunch and will be able to complete your work on time.


The foremost thing about being more productive at work is to work in the best manner possible so that you are not tired. Low productivity is one of the reasons to fail startups business so you have to do similar kind of work every day; so you must be motivated enough to do in the best way. Working smartly by taking short breaks and taking small meals will increase your productivity at work. If you are the owner of a startup business or any business, otherwise, your zeal to work will motivate others and they too will put their best efforts at work.

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