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How Going Zero Waste Can Save Money

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Going for a zero-waste lifestyle means incorporating ethical items in our daily lives to reduce waste or carbon footprint. Aside from helping the environment, it is also economical. This lifestyle allows us to be more mindful of our purchases.

How does going zero waste save you money? Here are different ways.

Say Goodbye to Plastic Bottles

Buying bottled beverages on the go seems very convenient. But convenience does have a price tag! Since each bottle is only good for single-use, imagine how many times you need to buy,

and each time you also generate waste.

Say goodbye to plastic bottles by carrying your own reusable water bottles, tumbler, or jugs. You reduce plastic waste right away and save money. This can save you hundreds of dollars in a month, which amounts to a thousand dollars in a year.

You just need to refill your bottle before stepping out of the house and when you get to your destination. This saves you time from going to the store and buying, too.

You can opt for bottles made from stainless steel. These come in different designs and can last you for 10 years. There are also bottles made from ceramic, glass, and BPA-free plastic.

There are reusable bottles now that come with a water filter to ensure that you are drinking safe, clean water anywhere you go. This also saves you money when you travel with your bottle.

Use Your Own Coffee Cup

Yes, you can BYOC (Bring Your Own Cup) the next time you visit a coffee shop, especially if you love takeaway coffee. There are reusable cups for coffee, just like reusable water bottles.

There are reusable cups made of plastic that are sturdy and BPA-free. You can also choose ceramic and glass that will retain the full flavor of your coffee.

Stainless steel cups or tumblers can also be used for your coffee, aside from water. It can also keep your coffee hot for hours. There are also collapsible silicone cups that you can just easily fold and store in your bag or pocket.

How does this save you money? Coffee shops such as Starbucks offer $0.10 discount when

you bring your own cup. Some shops even offer free refills. That is like getting your coffee or tea at buy one get one deal.

On your next caffeine run, don’t forget to bring your own cup. You will save money each time.

Cut Down on Paper Products

One of the most paper-consuming places is the kitchen. How much paper towels or rolls do you use in a day to clean up spills? How about in a week and then in a month?

Add the number of rolls you use in a week and multiply it by four. That is how much you spend on paper napkins in a month. Save money by switching to reusable kitchen rags and cloth instead.

You can choose from various materials such as cotton, linen, chambray, and microfiber napkins. These alternatives are not just for cleaning. Buy a set for when you have guests come over for dinner parties to replace tissue papers.

Sponges are not only for cleaning dishes, you can use it to easily wipe spills, clean kitchen counters, and more.

Use Reusable Options

In everything you use, think of reusable alternatives. A very relevant item these days is a face mask. Compared to reusable face masks, buying disposable masks are not only more expensive in the long run, they also contribute to the burgeoning millions of tons of garbage a day

Bathroom Alternatives

Practicing zero waste in the bathroom can save you money. For instance, having a bidet can cut you toilet paper costs. A bidet will last you for years, and it is easy to install. You can get one for as low as $25 online.

Swap your disposable razors for stainless steel safety razors.These outlast the quality of plastic razors and are guaranteed to be long-lasting.

For women who use sanitary napkins, you may want to consider switching to cloth pads. Aside from being eco-friendly, cloth pads are safe and reusable.

Cotton swabs are essential everyday hygiene products. However, these are easily disposable since they are only good for single-use. Try reusable swabs instead. They are very economical, replacing up to 1000 disposable Q-tips, and are very friendly to the environment.


Your home is the easiest place to begin living zero waste. Swap everyday single-use household items for reusable ones. Not only will you be helping the environment, you will also be saving money.

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