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How To Do Business Remotely with Customers in Australia

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The economy of Australia presents an array of opportunities for international businesses to drive further growth in new markets. Due to the size of the nation, Australia has a large mixed market economy. The nation is also a significant importer and exporter of goods and services. Some of the top sectors include finance, healthcare, energy, utilities, mining, and agriculture. Some of their most profitable companies include Wesfarmers, Woolworths, National Australia Bank, Commonwealth Bank, and Telstra & Caltex. 

Due to the opportunities the Australian market presents, many businesses are eager to enter the market. However, it is important to consider that the costs related to opening a brick and mortar location could easily prohibit smaller, less established businesses with limited budgets from expanding. Utilizing available technologies to do business remotely can be an easy, cost-efficient solution that will allow even the smallest of companies to do business in Australia and other attractive markets worldwide. Entering the Australian market can be simple with virtual toll-free numbers and the decision to engage customers in Australia may have a positive impact on your company’s bottom line.

One way to do business in Australia remotely is by using virtual Australia toll-free numbers to enter the local market and connect with local businesses and customers. 

What are Virtual Toll-Free Numbers?

As more and more customers are moving away from traditional landlines, it may be time for your business to start doing the same. Virtual toll-free phone numbers, referred to as international toll-free service numbers or ITFS numbers when used to communicate internationally, will allow your company to grow by offering your callers the opportunity to contact you from a toll-free line. Even if you are located in a different city or country, customers can still perceive your brand as part of their region. This way, you can enter local markets without physically moving to a new country. Learning more about what an ITFS number is may make the difference between staying ahead of the competition and accomplishing company-wide goals for growth or not. 

How Do Australian Virtual Numbers Work?

If you want to make sure you can secure a solid following in Australia, consider Australia virtual toll free numbers for your business. Virtual toll free numbers can be forwarded to any location, so they move as you do, providing exceptional versatility. There are many advantages to having virtual numbers over landlines, including using a wide range of convenient features that help streamline your calls. You can use sequential forwarding, local ringback tones, call recording, and make use of black and white lists. Black and white lists will be able to filter calls with the ability to accept or reject calls based on their location. 

When you experience a heavy call load, Australia virtual numbers help to ensure that calls are never missed. Failover forwarding allows you to program many different accounts together so that if one line is unable to answer, the next line is automatically connected. Based on this system, no call will ever be dropped.

The helpful features offered do not stop there. Customized greetings allow you to make a great first (or even second) impression on your callers. A friendly greeting from the CEO gives your business the personal touch it needs when you address potential customers. 

What Types of Businesses Need These Numbers?

Any business can make use of virtual toll-free numbers to conduct business in Australia. Millions of toll-free numbers are used every day. With the use of extensions and other features, these numbers help to bridge the gap between your customer service team, your IT team, the marketing department, and sales all at the same time. 

Furthermore, this benefit is not just for your employees. Australian virtual toll-free numbers make you more accessible to your callers who are more likely to contact a business from a local line that does not charge them any fees. Most customers prefer calling toll free regional lines instead of unfamiliar numbers as this reduces their costs.

Global Call Forwarding is a provider that offers the service of sequential call forwarding for your Australia virtual toll-free numbers. For example, you can set up sequential call forwarding so that a call reaches your office number first. After a predetermined amount of time, the call is automatically forwarded to a second line, perhaps your cell phone. If you still do not pick up, the call can then be redirected to as many as four different lines before going to voicemail. This feature increases your accessibility, which in turn solidifies your company’s relationship with the customer base.

Using Australia Virtual Numbers to Market in Australia

Virtual phone numbers can be an integral part of your marketing campaigns as well. For example, let’s say that you have a different toll free number for your website, a billboard, magazines, and newspaper print ads. With Global Call Forwarding, your Australia virtual toll-free numbers all forward seamlessly to the same line. However, you are able to see how many calls come in from each source. 

You can also collect real consumer data for your brand. Perhaps you will find that your newspaper print ads drive more traffic than all other mediums. With these results, you will be able to tell which marketing venture has the most positive impact on your company and you will be able to invest in the right ones in the future.

With many customers moving away from traditional brick and mortar stores and into the terrain of e-commerce, virtual phone numbers are an excellent addition to any business’s communication tools. It may mean the difference between award-winning customer service versus confusion over your brand’s presence in an unfamiliar market. Selecting an established and reliable provider for your virtual toll free number for Australia will ensure your transition to doing business with customers in Australia is as smooth and successful as possible. 

To learn more about virtual phone numbers for Australia, or to add to the conversation regarding efficient communication tools for businesses, feel free to comment below.

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