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Fuel Your Vision And Your Vision Will Fuel You

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I realize it may sound a little ‘fluffy’, but vision really is key to the success of any business.  Most of you following my tweets and posts will know that I focus entirely on two main qualities in business projects – strategy and message.  Both of these key areas are defined by vision.

What am I on about?

When we, as entrepreneurs, set about researching, starting up, or developing a business, it is defined by a vision. It may not be articulated, clearly identified or expressed – but it exists in the reason why we do what we do. Some would argue that, no, it’s not vision, it’s necessity or reality, or it just IS.  I disagree; if we’re really serious about what it is we want to achieve in business [as in life!] we have a vision of what success looks like.

The science behind vision

It can sometimes be alluded to as scientific, but for me, vision is instinctual and  exists in the values, hopes and dreams of the entrepreneur or business owner.

  • The science ‘bit’ comes from the understanding of key actual realities within the marketplace, competition, product / service scalability and so-on.
  • However, putting a more romantic spin on things, vision is also defined by how you see your business in the future – what it will be perceived as [market or thought leader, innovator, tradition-restorative, global phenomenon], who the customer will be, size of market-share, where the product or service will be sold and the structure of the organisation.

The science and instinct cross-over.

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Fuel the vision

Times are challenging, and even when they’re not, now is always a good time to take stock, review and move on.  Fueling the vision is part of this process; noting what is working, addressing what isn’t and being bold about the things we want to achieve in business is paramount in driving our businesses onwards.

I’m always inspired [and motivated] by the vision fueling entrepreneurs such as Irishman John Concannon, and further afield, Richard Branson.  Both individuals speak openly about always having something new to focus on.  Another milestone, wild idea, aspiration… in essence, more fuel in the tank.

Fuel your vision and it’ll fuel you…

I’ve already mentioned the trials and tribulations we face as business-owners, founders and MDs – however for those of us on the level, or upward trajectory – the fuel tank can run dry when you least expect it.  How? The antithesis of vision: complacency.

  • Success is a wonderful feeling when it happens; but it can also engender feelings of laxity in those experiencing it.  Mainly because the journey to that point can be arduous, hard-fought and oft-exhausting.
  • There’s no risk in basking [for a short-time] in the glory of your win, but don’t make it a permanent state.

Speaking to a colleague in the small business support arena some time back, we touched on the risks for SMEs – her #1 concern? Complacency.  Ignore it at your peril. Keeping the vision ‘tank’ replete at all times, or refueling regularly keeps complacency at bay.

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Regular re-fuels

Ensuring you make time to stop and re-imagine the vision is key.  The thread of this article is to provide you with a nudge to do just that.

  • When you ensure you’re regularly assessing your progress and closeness to the actualisation of your vision, you’re also making great strides in business.
  • Raising your game, identifying new opportunities and always monitoring what you can do better for your customer is integral to ongoing success, growth and future possibilities.

… and finally!

Don’t fall foul to the complacency bug: when it has bitten, there can be serious repercussions, not least for the willing victim!

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