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Email Marketing Techniques That Get Results

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It’s no secret that the quickest way to connect with consumers is through email marketing. Over 144.8 billion

Tips on creating emails that pique interest:

  • Personalize Emails without Using Names – you want the reader to feel special without feeling stalked.
  • Succinctly-Stated Subject Lines – make it short and sweet and catchy; too long and you’ll end up getting dumped.
  • Delivery Time Mattersresearch shows that sending email between 8:00PM and midnight gets the best open rates; second runner up is sending over the weekend.
  • Re-activate Dormant Groups – you may have a hefty list of recipients, but many may be inactive readers. Customize content to reconnect; focus a campaign on them; send a “We miss you” or “Where have you been” to show you care.
  • Create and Grow on a Glowing Reputation – get to a place where your customers look forward to your emails; be the business that delivers with a reputation that shines.
  • Reactive emails –  send an email in reaction to an event triggered on your website. Remind a shopper that they have a shopping cart filled with goodies that they need to “check out”.

Tips on more engaging content:

  • Free Content Speaks Louder than Words – consumers love free stuff. Nothing gets attention better than offering a freebie paired with a purchase.
  • Make it Mobile – almost 47% of emails are opened on mobile devices. Making emails look good on the go is critical, if you want to keep this market.
  • Connect with Content that Matters – customers who relate to a product or provider feel more comfortable; tell a story that speaks to your clientele and creates a relationship and loyalty.
  • Be Current – include content that speaks to what’s happening now. Readers will feel better connected knowing their Inbox is not getting hit with auto-responder type emails.
  • Create Segments – you have a great recipient list, but one email may not fit the bill for all; create groupings per marketing segments and use customized emails for each for better reach.

What to avoid:

  • Sending Too Often – if you think constantly sending an email will get attention, you’re correct; but it won’t be the attention you seek. You’ll end up in the trash, or worse yet, the SPAM folder.
  • Words Speak Louder than Pictures – a picture can say a thousand words, but in email, it can kill a sale. Keep content short, simple and powerful. You’ll have faster downloads and happier readers.
  • Limit the Promo Speech – no one likes to be “sold” to. Sales must happen subliminally to have maximum impact. Act like a car salesman and your email campaign will quickly run out of gas.

Don’t let a poorly designed email or a pushy campaign be the death of your business. Make the most of this powerful marketing tool to maximize consumer response and engagements to create connections and loyalty that feeds future growth.

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