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Does AI Provide Better Customer Experience Than Humans?

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Artificial Intelligence

The new age of technology is sweeping the world today and we have come a long way to make everyday life easier for humankind. And speaking about new-age technology, artificial intelligence or AI for short slowly becomes a helping partner for human customer service for homes and especially for businesses across the globe. But what is AI, how can intelligent machines that work and reacts like humans be better than a living person?

The creation of computers with AI may be programmed to specifically answer a customer’s need. But, do they have the ability to really connect deeply with human customers? Do they have empathy? Do they realize the very need of each customer when AI programs interact? The virtual assistant services USA companies disagree.

 Many still argue on who gives better customer experience, AI-generated computers or humans? It really is debatable because AI nowadays is getting more advantage than it is decades ago. AI can answer a customer’s question seamlessly through its data history of a certain customer.

Let’s say, a bank customer. AI can answer bank inquiries without the need for human assistance due to the fact that all particular bank customers already have their data stored in the bank’s AI customer service program. There are even banks today uses chatbots with a natural language processing software that answers questions and even gives product recommendations through a conversational interface.

 Programmers can say yes, but statistically, customers still want to interact with a human customer service representatives who can actually answer their needs. AI was first to develop and designed by Newell and Simon in 1955. That was decades ago and up to now, AI has still not a big advantage for customer service.

A good example of how humans can easily trample AI is with virtual assistant services. These awesome “invisible” customer service providers can accomplish what no AI can. Doing multiple tasks at a time with amazing results.

 Answering the question, does AI provide better customer experience than humans? The answer is a straight NO. If you say yes, why are there still millions of customer service representatives answering every call? Why are there still contact centers or call centers everywhere? The triumph of artificial intelligence over humans is still imperceptible. It would still take a long time before AI can take over. It would take all of the greatest of programmers in the world side by side to create an AI that would beat humans when it comes to the customer service experience.

 AI is built through a mathematical process that may increase the performance of some tasks with high efficiency and speed, but what about critical thinking and human connection? How can AI feel each customer as they speak and create a bridge bringing them to a fantastic experience? Human intelligence is far more considered until now than AI. Engineering’s design of AI is still facing challenges continuously by complex problems and the quality of data AI receives. Plus, the need for human expertise, oversight, and quality assistance that will yield critical AI generated outputs.

We don’t want to be very deep in words and details on how humans are better than AI-inspired machines. As simple as reciting the alphabet, AI machines still need the supervision of humans. One programmer said that “the AI system learns from historical data it is fed with”. Meaning, it cannot tell anything new by itself, because anything new does not exist in its data history.


Customer experience

Customer experience is very important to everyone, small businesses, households, large companies, and for worldwide corporations. Every customer wants to satisfy with the service provided for them, and AI-generated computers can’t deliver what humans can.

Take a glimpse of what human customer service providers can do, such as virtual personal assistants. These workers can work remotely and perform tasks just like any other office secretary. But, the great thing about these people is their work flexibility by which they can do tasks not only for your business but for personal agendas as well.

They can handle family tasks such as scheduling a birthday party for your kids or even book you a flight to the most beautiful location you want to be in. 

Virtual assistants

Virtual assistants today are rising in number despite the fact that AI is taking the business industry by storm. Not only in the USA can you find virtual assistants but in many other countries as well. They can work without the need for an office inside a cubicle under a high rise building or establishment. These people can work remotely while performing different tasks provided by their clients on and offshore.

Many companies today prefer virtual assistants as a personal secretary rather than hiring a physical secretary. VAs are more efficient as well as affordable in terms of cost.

 We are very thankful for the great minds who built and develop AI today, they are making lives easier and faster. But, we cannot set aside the fact that human intervention is still better than a computer-generated application of which answers generate and produce through historical data fed into AI machines.

We use artificial intelligence machines and applications every day, such as smartphones, laptops, contact centers, bank transactions and many more. But as a customer, are you really satisfied with the service you receive?

 Do you favor computers over humans? It may vary for each individual. But for human virtual personal assistants and customer service representatives versus AI, the victory still remains with humans.

There is no doubt that human interaction is better than AI technology. Computers, programs, applications, and software really does help, but they still need humans to work.

 To close this debate, humans and AI is not really competing with each other. Humans still have power over AI for we are the reason why they exist and we are the reason why they work. AI has a long way to go before they can overcome humans, but would you want a computer to be better than you?

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