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8 Unique Ways to Use Labels for Business Purposes

8 Unique Ways to Use Labels for Business PurposesImage Credit:

Every business owner including you wants to promote their businesses. To promote your business, you need to be creative while using promotional products. The promotional products are the same that we all use in our daily life. There is only one difference that these products have labels, carrying a business name, logo, contact detail, and a compelling message of a specific company.

The items included in custom labels/stickers

Specially designed for a particular company, custom labels consist of one or all items that are mentioned below:

  • Name of a business
  • Logo
  • Address
  • Contact number
  • Website
  • Email
  • A compelling message

Ways to use labels for business promotion

It completely depends on you and your creativity on how you should use custom labels for the promotion of your business. However, there are processes that you can use to turn your business into a brand. The ways are as follows:

  • Your Employees’ Dress

Do you have a dress code for staff in your company? If yes, it can be an excellent way to promote your business. Contact a professional custom label designer like iCustomlabel and ask them to design and print labels for your business as per your given details. When you get your labels designed and printed, hand over them to your employees. Ask your employees to stick custom labels to their t-shirts, hats, caps, and aprons. With this, your business will get promoted by employees during their way to the office and vice versa.

  • Car Window Decals

Using car window decals is a superb idea to promote your business on the go. You can use the customized decals on your personal car and company vehicles. Made with front or back adhesive, you can paste car window decals inside or outside of vehicles. They last longer, as they are waterproof.

  • Trade shows

Each village, town or city hosts a shopping festival. In big cities, trade shows are organized. You know such an event is a great medium for your business promotion. Stay aware of such trade shows/shopping festivals and get in touch with the organizer when you come to know they are being organized in your town or city. Get permission from the organizer and use the premises to advertise your business with custom labels and stickers. You can use the streets, floors, walls, counters, etc. of trade show premise to promote your business. With this, your company will have maximum exposure.

  • Commercial reception areas

Whether it is big or small, a business has its own reception area. In this area, visitors or probable customers wait for their turn after leaving their message to the receptionist. This area has several things like glasses/bottles filled with water, chairs/sofas for guests, etc. Contact the owner of that company and ask him to let you stick your customized stickers and labels in his business reception area for your business promotion.

  • Social event in your locality

In our society, a lot of functions like birthday, reception, ring ceremony, kitty party, and wedding take place. In such an event, several items from decoration to foods and water are used. You can use the social event in your area for your business promotion. Meet the family head and seek his permission to use the event for your business promotion. You can use water labels or customized stickers and labels in the event premise.

  • Packaging

The packaging in which your product comes to you can leave a positive impact on your customers. Custom stickers and labels are a great way to personalize the packaging. With this, you can add value to your brand. Whether it is a jar, bottle, container or box, paste your customized label to it and see your business get advertised.

A product has a serial number on a label attached to it. You can design and print custom serial numbers yourself for your products or can contact a professional label designer for the same. With their support, you can have excellent barcodes, serial numbers, etc on your product label.

  • Equipment

Equipment or utensils like laptops, garbage bins, chairs, tables, and registers are the ones that we often come across in our home, office, and public places. You can use these items for promoting your business. For this, you need to paste the labels carrying your business logo to these items after getting permission from the authorized person.

  • Labels used in workplace/office

Do you have a walk-in office or a storefront? If yes, there is good news. You can use it to advertise your trade. For this, you can stick a custom label to it to convey your message to people passing through. It works even your store or office is closed. You can display your contact details and a compelling message along with your business logo through window decals.

People can talk a lot about your trade after looking at the wall of your premise. Therefore, you should make your walls to talk to customers. By sticking custom labels and stickers, you can do it. With the use of stickers on walls, you can add some color to the empty spaces. You can get motivational quotes and other valuable information printed on your custom labels.

Most of you think the floor of your commercial complex as under-used space. You can utilize the floor for your business promotion by sticking labels on your store/office floor. These decals are an excellent means to advertise sales. You can direct your customers to particular parts of your store or show them the offered discounts with the use of these floor stickers.


The use of labels for business purposes requires you to be creative. With your creative ideas, you will be more efficient in using custom stickers and labels for your business promotion. You can get in touch with an expert in this regard to ensure your success in promoting your business with stickers.



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