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Six Ways to Encourage Creativity in Your Office Environment

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Creativity is about intelligence having fun. It often strikes in a flash, rather than a steady wave. Team leads and business owners try every trick in the book to find ways to channel their teams’ creativity into a project. If you’re wondering how to help your workforce along their creative journey, here are five ways to tweak your office environment to make it conducive to creative thinking!


Set Up An Outdoor Seating Area

Getting under the skies with some wind in your face can do wonders for creativity. If your office space has an open terrace or a large balcony, it’s time you turn it into a thinking bubble. Bring in some inspiring artifacts, potted plants, a great refreshments station and great seating. Outdoor wicker furniture is the perfect choice to balance weather woes and comfort. Lounge seats with large cushions are a great idea to relax and get the brain juices flowing. Wicker outdoor furniture is appealing, durable and comfortable wicker furniture that is ideal for outdoor spaces. Wicker furniture is ergonomic, ensuring employees can sit to work for hours without feeling the strain on their bodies. It is also easy to clean and maintain, making it an all-weather outdoor seating option. An outdoor office space helps employees in more ways than one. We promise your workforce will see a boost in creativity if they are offered a truly peaceful and nature-inspired outdoor idea!

Ditch Cubicles

Create an open and inclusive office environment by doing away with the archaic cubicles system. Cubicles not only instill the feeling of hierarchy and formality in an office, but they’re also detrimental to team bonding and openness. Instead, opt for comfortable and variable seating options such as couches, bean bags, coffee tables and benches. Do not assign fixed seats for work to your team. Let them sit at random spots that suit their mood. This helps them network and communicate across verticals and teams. It creates a casual atmosphere that makes it easier for people to ideate, communicate and get their creative functions working.

Create Interesting Interiors

Your environment goes a long way in impacting your creativity. Curate an office space that exudes independence and freedom. Bring in bright colors on the walls, furnishing and drapes. Put up some interesting artwork that gets your thoughts churning. Place artifacts around in your office space that are catchy and characteristic. An open and inclusive environment helps bring out the best in employees and light their creative flame.

Install Large Ideating Boards

Many offices grapple for ideas to decorate their floor space in ways that encourage communication, humor and teamwork. Large ideating boards are a great option to get started on the right office décor. Ditch those boring inspirational quotes for a fun and engaging ideating board. These boards have a mix of pinboards, marker boards, open templates with post-its and more. Put up ideating boards across the office in boardrooms, empty walls and lounging areas. After all, a good idea can strike at any time and any place! It’s a great way to showcase ideas and put your creativity out there for your team to see.

Allow Freedom Of Work Hours

Gone are the days when the workforce was most productive around the morning and early afternoon hours. With evolving job demands and profiles, the way and time of working have become very individualistic. Allow your staff to work at times that suit their schedule and productivity. Some people are most productive in the morning hours while some are geared to go in the later hours of the day. Respect every individual’s space and time to get the best out of them. Set up a system that requires them to clock in an average number of hours every week. How they apportion these hours depends on when they feel most productive.

Have Unwinding Rooms

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Give your staff some space on the office floor that doesn’t relate to work in any way. Invest in an unwinding room that gives them a chance to meditate, play a game or just listen to some calming music. Set up a Foose ball table and other indoor games to allow workers to release their stress. This is also a great chance for the workforce to bond beyond the realms of work life. A refreshing break could do a world of good to their creativity.


Wrap up

It is important to keep your workforce happy and healthy to derive the best from them. Creative minds require a lot of space not just physically but also psychologically. Create an office environment that fuels creativity and helps employees bring out the best in them. We hope the above ideas help you keep your team at their best all day, every day!

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