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How to Give Your Business a Push With Employee Surveillance Tool

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Employee surveillance has long been a controversial topic across the world because of varying opinions about the matter. Some are of the view that monitoring workforces prevent them from getting engaged in unproductive and malicious activities. Resultantly, it increases their productivity and boosts business output and profit. On the other, some believe that needless monitoring puts a negative impact on employee motivation and productivity. When the workers know they are consistently in their employer’s eye, they feel confused, numb and less creative. However, the effectiveness of employee surveillance cannot be denied.

The entrepreneurs around the world have been experimenting with different tools and tricks to keep their workers under surveillance. Some businesses use surveillance cameras to make sure the safety of company assets and monitor workers’ activities at the workplace. However, many large and medium scale companies have started using surveillance software to monitor the performance of the workers and keep them from unproductive and malicious chores.

The employee monitoring software offers numerous perks to businesses. However, picking up a reliable and effective monitoring tool to track company-owned devices matters a lot. In this article, we have discussed how TheOneSpy employee surveillance software enables businesses to keep their workers under surveillance, boost their productivity and increases business profitability.

Eliminate Workplace Distractions

In this digital age, you cannot imagine a workplace or company office without facilities of computer devices, laptops, the internet. These technologies enable businesses to streamline their business operations and expand their business to an international level by communicating their product or service message to people across the world. While the appropriate and responsible use of these technologies can grow your business, the irresponsible and unmonitored use of these things can put a negative impact on the company welfare.

The internet is the biggest distraction at any workplace. Reports indicate that majority of the workers use the company internet for their personal reasons. They do online shopping, watch and download their favorite videos, play games and update their personal social media accounts. All this negatively affects employee productivity and keep them busy doing unnecessary things.

The employee surveillance software enables employers to supervise and control the technology use of workers. You can download the monitoring software on the computer and mobile phone devices of your workers and track their internet use. It lets you find out whether your workers are giving more time to YouTube and other unproductive websites or to their assigned works. With the help of website filtering tools, you can block all unwanted websites to prevent your workers from internet abuse.

Supervise the Real-Time Mobile Phone and Computer Activities

The monitoring software enables you to keep tabs on the activities performed on mobile phones and computer devices in use of your workers. You can supervise the real-time activities performed on the company owned mobile phones and computers. It lets you access the mobile and computer use of your workers during working hours.

For instance, you can check out if your Worker A is using Instagram on his mobile phone or computer or executing the assigned task. You can send a command to the monitored mobile or computer device to show you whatever appears on the targeted device screen. The screenshots and screen recording feature of surveillance software can show and record the real-time activities of the workers to let you identify productive and unfaithful employees.

Enhance Employee Productivity by Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses

The employee monitoring software lets you assess the positive and negative traits of your workers. You can find out how are the most productive workers and how are posing to be efficient but are good for nothing. The monitoring software for mobile phone and computer provide you report regarding the performance, time management and technology use of the workers. These facts help you make decisions regarding promotions, demotions, rewards, and bonuses.

The spy software lets you know whether a senior officer is fulfilling his duties responsibly or compelling subordinates to do the work for him.  It also lets you know if any of your workers is teasing, harassing, offending, humiliating or threatening other workers. You can read their conversations made via text messages, instant messages, emails or other communication means. Also, the high-tech monitoring apps enable employers to listen to live talks of the workers by turning on the microphones and cameras of their monitored mobile phones and computer devices. When you are aware of every worker’s abilities, skills and performance, you would make better decisions for them which would increase their motivation and productivity.

Safeguard Company Assets and Confidential Data

The monitoring software plays a significant role in protecting the company assets and important information. There are a few tracking applications that let you create an online backup of the company information. It prevents you from facing a huge loss due to data loss and security breaches. Whether it is customer information or any other sensitive company data, you can store it online and retrieve anytime and from anywhere.

The surveillance tools also protect you from scams and phishing emails. You can monitor emails of your workers to make sure they do not transmit any sensitive company information to rivalry group or respond to phishing emails. Phishing emails are infected emails sent by scammers and hackers to get sensitive information such as bank account details, credit card, debit card or other important detail. Responding to these emails can also make you lose your control over the computer device or even the whole network.

The employee monitoring software lets you know if there is any phishing email on your computer or any of your workers’ computers. You can prevent the receiver from responding to that email and losing the company data.

The Bottom Line

The perks of employee monitoring software are innumerable. You can keep tabs on almost every activity of your workers to prevent them from unproductive and objectionable behavior. The employee surveillance software lets you closely watch out the activities of your workers including junior, senior, managerial and higher staff. You can know what a person is doing, seeing or speaking. Resultantly, it accelerates employee productivity and increases company profitability.

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