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Business Preparation is Key!

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The birds just wont leave me alone – they continue to entertain, [/caption]

Why was this song bird so picky about her pickings? It’s all to do with foundations. If we do not built a strong foundation, then the structure on which it stands, will not stand the test of time.

We have seen this in Ireland over the past two years. The structure that was our economy and public services was all built on a promise, not exactly a sound foundation on which to survive.

We know now that it would never last. We seemed to think that it would. So as I manage my business, I think of the initial work I put into the foundations laid down. It takes time to set up a business, that time varying depending on the type, size, shape and location – just like a nest!

So what needs to be in place, for the business to stand the test of time?

Nesting – Location, Location, LocationSEO

The fork of a tree is good, sturdy, secure place and the nest is least likely to fall. So where is your business to be located? If off-line and selling a product, then location is key. If off-line and selling a service, location is not so important, but the address and telephone code may be. If it is an on-line business, the foundation should be laid with a good web design, good SEO and SEM.

Feeding – Fueling the Business

The thrush feeds mainly on insects, being an Insectivore. They will snack on worms and fruit when available. They will eat snails only when they cannot dig out worms. So sustenance comes from a variety of areas. Make sure you fuel your business with expert advice and knowledge of the most sustaining kind, utilising the great resources available today. Only fuel your business with less nutritious fuel when necessary, like an economic downturn.

Is your voice heard in businessVoice – Is yours loud enough?

The thrush is one of the top 5 songbirds. It attracts attention with its song. How is your song sheet looking these days? Is your voice being heard in the market, the right market? Ensure you target the correct market for your business, this can be achieved through extensive research and vigilance.

Movements – Do you need to migrate?Going Global with your business

There is a lot of talk lately about going global. With the advances of technology, that possibility is now more likely. But do your research and make calculated decisions on whether you should migrate to sunnier climes – it can be a long arduous journey (ask the Thrush about air miles). There are some great posts here on Bloggertone about online global strategy including this one from Dermot Quirk.

Conservation – Staying afloat

The Song Thrush population is less than half what it used to be and so it is on the Red List. Sounds like half of the coEggs in a   Nestmpanies here in Ireland. We all know rough times follow ready times, so preparation is key. Saving for the raining day may not sound so archaic now! Or a possible strategy is to have all your eggs together in a short space of time, launch all your products close together to improve sustainability. But it needs to be thought through. Again research is the key here.


Perhaps the thrush was not building a new nest, perhaps she was re-enforcing and delousing it for her next clutch. Perhaps she is re-adjusting her Business Plan, as she is having more clutches than she expected. This is a crucial element of revision, readjustment and reinforcement.

Constant vigilance is required if your business is to survive its foundations, the markets, and the weather. It needs to be strong enough to weather the storm when necessary. Are you keeping an eye on your Start-Up? Are you constantly revising and reviewing?

What tricks can you share below?

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