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The Art of Transforming Negativity Into Inspiration

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A businessman at the age of 49 took his own life after becoming depressed in the fallout of the £50 billion ($77 billion) takeover of ABN Amro by the Royal Bank of Scotland. A suicide note to his wife that was found on his body read that he could not “go on”. The coroner confirmed that

Negativity determines being insofar as it situates it in the transcendental space which it has unfolded in order to permit Being to manifest itself there. The entity which appears in this primitive ontological field can never be equivalent to it. Such a field rather surpasses the entity on all sides. This surpassing is so radical that it is nothing more than the dialectical suppression of the entity.” Michel Henry, Essence of Manifestation

But, it is also well said that “What we focus on, we empower and enlarge. Good multiplies when focused upon. Negativity multiplies when focused upon. The choice is ours: Which do we want more of?” Julia Cameron.

Negativity, if taken as a challenge, can be transformed into strength that can build our self confidence and can lead us to achieve our goals. It is just our inner ability to recognize this simple fact and help you to transmute your negativities to make you positive and poised.

#1. Accept and Forgive Yourself:

A loss or a profit is a result of your work. If you perform to your best, you win. But, if you lack in your efforts and determination, you lose. Often after losing, people fail to accept their faults. Our soul is our positive angel that always speaks the truth, but we have the power to manipulate our minds. Negativity arises when you try to escape from accepting your faults, knowing the fact that ‘I did it.’

There is no harm in accepting your faults and mistakes. Committing mistakes are a part of life. Despite of running away from acceptance, just listen to your little inner voice, face the truth, forgive yourself, learn from your mistakes and move on. Be Positive as ‘positivity is a strong tool and plays an important role in the way we see ourselves.’

#2. Listen to Yourself and Recharge with Quality ‘ME’ Time:

To rebuild your lost confidence, it is important that you spend time with yourself rather than socializing. Try to tune your mind and the voice of your soul. At times when you are in difficulty, you start comparing yourself with others. Stop doing it! You should control your inner voice to avoid bitterness or comparisons, and focus on yourself, your work and move in the right direction.

You can spend your time in activities that you are good at like cooking, playing any sport, etc. to feel like yourself again. Indulge yourself in activities that can help you in boosting your spirits again. To get yourself charged up you can join motivational seminars delivered by famous motivational speakers who have already done and can inspire you with there true and exciting stories.

#3. Keep Smiling:

Smiling is the best tool to refresh your mood and of course, Laughter is the best medicine for all kinds of illness. Laughter can defeat Negativity and depression. You may use sources like TV, Internet, books to provide you with the limitless resources of humor and comedy. Lighten up your mind to feel relaxed, energetic and then rise up with the same enthusiasm you had in you.

#4. Live in the Present and Accept the Challenges:

When you are bounded by negativities, you build up a habit of either blaming the past or worrying about the future. And the present gets wasted. Thinking about something that cannot be changed or something that you are not even sure will happen is a waste of time. Living in the present is like finding the inner peace. Learn to live in the present and try to enjoy and enrich its each and every moment. Learn from your past and try to make your present better and happy, rather than taking it for granted. Remember, if you regret your past today, your present will also become your past someday.

#5. Realize Your Greatness:

Every human has some or other abilities in them. We are all humans and are bestowed with some kind of greatness. People forget their good things when they are bound by negativities. They forget what they have and all they have achieved in their lives. Try to earn happiness, even in small accomplishments. When we focus on the positive things of our lives, we are less likely to find the negative ones. Recall all that you have earned in life, those small trophies in school and college, the fame, appreciations, your first pay, etc. and just tap your back and congratulate yourself. By praising yourself, you will feel confident and passionate again.

#6. Stop Looking for External Justifications:

Human Beings are social animals and we love to be with others in our sorrows and happiness. It is good. But, to be with people does not mean to judge yourself according to them. It is your life and you have to decide your good and bad. Of course, you cannot control their thoughts about you, but you have the control on how you react to their views. Leave them to their own judgments. What you think matters! Let them love you for what you are and not who they want you to be.

#7. Change the Way You Think:

The last, but the most important way to turn your negativity into inspiration, is to change the way you think. “Negativity is an addiction to the bleak shadow that lingers around every human form, you can transfigure negativity by turning it toward the light of your soul”. John O’Donohue.

Try to convert your negativities into your strength. Positive thinking and better efforts will help you in this transformation. Never lose hope and don’t ever give up. Accept challenges whole-heartedly and make efforts to conquer them. Think differently and stop complaining. Your attitude will decide your destiny. So, be positive and confident.

Though it is difficult to get rid off pessimism, but transforming it to inspiration can be achieved with great personal efforts and firm determination. Positivity is transmissible and entices more positive people and thoughts in your life. To be happy in your life, you need to be positive, calm, passionate and maintain the right attitude towards life and its aspects.

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