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7 Strategies You Need to Know for a Smart Business Relocation

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Relocation can be exhilarating but it can also be an effective way to promote your business to a larger target audience. There are other reasons why you need to relocate your business. These are cost issues, expansion, better lifestyle, labor and workforces issues.

A business move doesn’t end with having a final decision about the move. It’s a process that you need to go through to keep everything in order. This is not just a wise move but must also be a smart move for the company and people who work for you.

There are things that you need to know in order to be prepared for relocating your business, listed below are few of them.

#1. Determine the right location

You must know where your business is heading. Gather data that could help you in choosing a new place where you can put up your business. If you will just move base on the price of the place, you might forget to pay attention to the population in that place. Its location is not just about the price, it’s about how many people you think will pay interest on your business.

Searching the internet is the easiest way to get demographic reports. But the problem is, not all surveys found online are factual information. The data must be updated and from a reliable source. Using the data from the year 2012 can make your calculations wrong. 2017 is about to end, you may use the data from 2016 in order to create a timely assessment.

#2. Have sufficient manpower

If the manpower is slow, it can cause a delay and might affect the business. Productivity is an important thing to have when it comes business. Since relocation is also a part of a business, you need to have people who can work as hard as you. The people who are part of your manpower can be your employees and people that you hired to finish a particular task.

You need to avoid working with people who are taking their work for granted. Relocating a business should be done in a fast and efficient way. If the people working for you weren’t able to finish a task for a particular day, it will ruin the plan.

#3. Use effective moving apps

With the advancement of technology, business owners will find it easier to plan the relocation only if they will use apps that will not stress them out. There are mobile applications that always crashes, you will find it difficult to use and sometimes might delete the files that you have input there.

Here are some of the apps that will help you sort your to-do list for an effective moving process:

  • Moving Van – this app will help be of great help when it comes to tracking the things that were put in each box.
  • Wunderlist – this can be a good app for listing down the things that need to be accomplished throughout the process.
  • Streeteasy – if you’re looking for a building that is for lease or rent, you can use this app in searching for available rentals.
  • Nextdoor – after the move, or even before moving out, you need to know places near your location. You can even get to know few friends because of this application.

Using these apps which are applicable to your every need is a recommended. To truly finish your tasks effectively, you can make use these to keep your plans in order. One tool is enough to avoid other application errors that might occur.

#4. Hire trusted movers

The moving service that you will be contacting can ruin the furniture that you have. The first thing that you need to do is to know how long does the company has been in business. Next, know if it is licensed and insured. The other one is to read the reviews about them online or do some crowdsourcing to know the recommendations of people you actually know.

If you are not careful in choosing which mover will you choose? You might be sacrificing the quality of service over the inexpensive price of the moving service of your choice. These movers should provide you a service that is worthy of your money.

#5. Secure your business documents


Think about all the papers that are needed, namely: general business licenses, tax registrations, health permits, state-issued occupational licenses, liquor licenses, lottery licenses, reseller’s licenses, zoning and land-use permits, and health department permits.

Losing any of these documents might take more time and might be the reason why your business couldn’t operate on time. Make sure that you have secured all the documents before you start packing the other things that are needed for the move. Put it in a box that is separated from your other files and documents.   

Always be careful with this kind of documents since being able to get a new copy can be very costly. Most especially if the documents are related to a property or the shares. A tip that you could use is to scan the document and save it on your computer.

#6. Plan your budget carefully

Take note of the expenses that you will be using. Overspending can result in irresponsibility in terms of handling the money. That should only be used in the process of moving. Not being able to prepare a budget for moving can cost you more than you planned.

Set-up a budget plan before you start working on anything. By doing this, you will not be prone from buying unnecessary stuff. After you have finished making your budget plan, you can finally cross-out the things that you don’t actually need before you start planning the things needed throughout the move.

#7. Let your employees share their opinions

Make your employees engage in the whole process. It could make them feel that they’re part of the plans and their decisions matter. Make business relocation not just a tool to increase your sales but to reach out to your employees as well. Be the kind of employer who thinks about their employees and their profit at the same time.

If you are known as someone who is always difficult to approach, grab this opportunity to be able to talk and to listen to what they wanted to share. After all, their opinions still matter since this might affect their longevity on your business.

Relocating your business is a tough job not just for you but also to your employees. The move will be easier if you will listen to what they want to contribute. Make sure that you have researched everything before signing any documents regarding the move.   

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