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6 Ways To Spruce Up The Office And Increase Employee Morale

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Whether you’re trying to increase employee satisfaction or you simply want to spruce up the office, there are several options. Creating a better atmosphere around the office will help employee morale, making it better for everyone at the office. So, what are some great ways you can ensure that employees are happy and the office looks and feels awesome?

#1. Improve the Break Room

Everyone needs a break. It has been proven time and again that allowing breaks from work offers better productivity. Because of this, you need to have a break room that allows employees to truly take a break.

  • Add a TV to your office break room.  For some,

    #2. Make it More Like Home

    One of the big pushes in many large companies today is to make the office feel a little more like home. With a homey feel, the office will have a much calmer and more productive environment. There are several options to make the whole office feel more like a home. Add comfortable seating, better carpets, and great lighting.

    #3. Incorporate an Open Seating Plan

    Traditionally, office spaces are full of cubicles, boxed in areas, and separate offices. However, more companies today are moving toward open seating plans. This helps the space feel more comfortable. On top of that, it fosters the flow of conversation and creativity. While you don’t want employees chatting all day, and work needs to get done, many big companies have proven that open seating plans are a great option. Open seating plans help employees get to know each other better and lets ideas get to the point of creation.

    #4. Add Real Plants

    If you walk into any number of offices, you’re likely to see some plastic plants pretending to make the office seem friendlier and more comfortable. If your office has these sitting around, get rid of them. They’re not helpful for customers or employees. Instead, get some real plants. Not only do they help increase the oxygen flow, but they also help improve the mood and demeanor of the employees. You don’t need to completely deck out the office in tropical plants, but having a few real greens around can make everyone feel a little more comfortable.

    #5. Change the Paint

    It may seem like such a little thing, but changing the paint at the office can improve the look and feel of the whole building. In addition, it can improve the mood of the employees. Look into the psychology of color and decide on a new color scheme for the building. It gets boring to come in and see the same plain white walls all day, every day. However, make sure that you don’t go overboard. You don’t want the colors to be painful on the eyes, and you need to make sure that walls that are near each other don’t clash.

    #6. Get Creative

    There are many ways to get creative in the office. Quirky pictures, themed conference rooms, and more can help improve morale. One option is to get ideas from the employees. What themes can they come up with to help spruce up the office? Let employees come up with different options for decorating their own offices or spaces. If you allow employees to take control of their own decorating, they’re going to be more comfortable with their spaces. Not allowing anything in the office other than a picture is a thing of the past. Get creative, and give your employees some freedom.

    When you change things up at the office, you’re going to increase productivity and creativity. Your employees will be happier, and things will get done more efficiently. It doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming, and even just a few changes can make a world of difference.  Have you done anything similar in your office?

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