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6 Things That Will Help You Feel Happy And Confident At The Workplace

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Not everybody has dollops of confidence at their workplace. Some people hide in a corner getting bogged down by low levels of confidence and a feeling of dissatisfaction with their jobs. This is just one of the reasons for the marked difference in performance of employees across an organization. Some work very well, while others don’t perform at all. At the heart of this non-performance is an unhappy employee lacking in self-confidence.

If you are somebody who is suffering from the ‘down in the dumps’ syndrome most days at work and can’t wait for the day to get over, here are 6 things you could do to change your mindset:

# 1. Start feeling positive about yourself

The fact that you are working for a particular organization means you deserve to be there. It’s your skills, knowledge and experience that has helped you land a job there. You are as good as your co-workers, if not better. So don’t suffer from an inferiority complex. Start thinking about your strengths, rather than your weaknesses and keep building on your strengths. Don’t stagnate. Keep learning new skills and keep polishing your existing skills. This will help you feel positive about yourself and your abilities.

# 2. Challenge yourself

Getting bored of your job? Well, that’s because you are allowing yourself to stagnate. You are doing what is expected of you, but not going above and beyond your job’s responsibilities. Most organizations like employees who want to take up new responsibilities. These responsibilities don’t necessarily have to be about the organization’s business processes, it could be a cultural responsibility or something else.

Motivate yourself to do something extra. Make sure your employer knows you are willing to go the extra mile. Think of each new day as a day full of possibilities. Don’t wait for something to happen, just make it happen.

# 3. Participate in cultural activities

Most organizations have plenty of picnics, celebrations and events planned throughout the year. You need to actively participate in them; this will help you feel like a part of the organization. Don’t ignore these activities as a waste of time because there is some purpose to them. They are organized to make an employee feel like a part of the organization and also bond with his colleagues. You shouldn’t miss out on them, if and when they happen.

# 4. Bonding beyond the work place

Why wait for your employer to organize an outing with your colleagues. Why not bond over a beer after work or go for a movie, to a restaurant or have a barbecue night or something else. The whole idea behind bonding is to make sure that you feel comfortable about working with your employees. You feel like going to your workplace, because your colleagues are your friends. You have life beyond the workplace with them. This also helps you understand them better and work with them with confidence.

# 5. Communication is a must

You might be feeling under confident because you are unsure about something or how to proceed with a given task. Why let this get you down? Talk to the people in charge. Tell them about your worries and get your doubts cleared up. All it requires is that you talk with them openly. There is no harm in telling the people in charge, t you are facing difficulty in a particular task. They will tell you how it is done.

# 6. Have a life beyond the workplace

Make sure that you have something to go back to, after work? If you have a family, there is somebody waiting for you at the end of hard day’s work. Rejoice in this fact. This will help you feel more confident about what you are doing. If you are a bachelor, join an activity group after work. Learn something or join a club. The idea is to not let your life revolve around work, where every waking hour is spent thinking about your job. This leads to dissatisfaction and over time it also saps you of your confidence. Don’t let that happen to you.


Clearly the six things mentioned here are not a sure fire way to improve confidence at work, but they will definitely help you get started in the right direction. Even individual exhibits different traits and it is these traits that determine how the person wants to go about feeling confident at the workplace.

Keep thinking of all that you can do to improve your levels of confidence and happiness at the workplace. Don’t get yourself bogged down. Keep working on your confidence levels; it’s only if you make an effort that you will feel good about yourself and what you are doing at the workplace.

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