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5 Simple Strategies To Reduce Stress In The Workplace

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Although a stressful situation usually is such that you can`t just walk away from it, it is advisable that you keep these simple techniques in mind and to apply them whenever possible:

#1. Noise Reduction

Noise pollution is usually defined as intrusive noise that disrupts regular functioning, often in such a way that one is not aware of it. You are still able to concentrate on the job at hand, but your brain has to work overtime to filter out unwanted and disruptive noises. This source of stress is particularly dangerous because people relatively easily get accustomed to it, not realizing what a devastating effect it has on the nervous system, especially when one is subjected to it for a longer period. Unfortunately, the only way to solve this problem is to isolate your work environment. Most often this includes employing the services of noise control professionals to solve it. The only thing you as an individual can do is protect yourself by using earplugs, which is a right you should fight for in case your superiors are unwilling or unable to reduce the effect of this stressor to a reasonable level. I’m sure you can realize the negative effects this can have on productivity, and you may use this as your main argument to get your management to properly isolate your workspace.

#2. Humor

Humor is a powerful tool in reducing stress, not to its mention other well-known beneficial effects. When you feel tense, talk to a colleague which makes you laugh, or find something that has the same effect on you on the internet or in a book you like. Though it seems like an straightforward enough solution, you would be surprised how many people just can`t be bothered to help them self in this way for whatever reason.

#3. Rehydration

Though it may seem irrelevant, don`t kid yourself in thinking that water isn`t all that important that it can affect you mood or concentration. Humans need a lot of water to function properly, and that water should be taken in regular intervals, not two liters in two gulps once a day, as your body just can`t absorb that much fluid so quickly. Bear in mind that this is water we are talking about. Not juices, coffee, energy drinks, yoghurt or anything else, but just plain, old H2O. give it a try and you will be surprised how a solution a simple as drinking water properly and regularly can affect your body and mind.

#4. Powernap

Image often ridiculed in movies is an office worker taking a nap in his chair, while his workers are being mischievous upon his person in some devious way. Actually, this is just a cheap laugh, nothing more. We are all different and some people simply need to rest more often in order to function properly. If you do take a powernap, which constitutes shutting your eyes for ten minutes to half an hour, you will do yourself and everybody else a huge favor. Don`t think of it as laziness, cause it isn`t. If you feel like you need a nap, your body is simply tired and those half an hour will make all the difference in the world in such a situation. You will wake up calmer, regenerated and more relaxed.

#5. Fancy a cup?

In eastern cultures, tea has been used for relaxing for thousands of years. We westerners have come to think of it as something that will worm us up in cold winter days, or help us get over a cold or a flu. Actually, tea regulates blood pressure and soothes the digestive system, which is one of the first to suffer when you are exposed to prolonged stress. Green tea is perfect for this, as its natural properties have a calming effect known for hundreds of years.

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