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4 Tips to Drive Brand Loyalty For Faster Business Growth

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Are you planning to start a new business or are you already heading an established company and its executive team? In both the situations, you should aspire to build solid brand loyalty, which is crucial for business growth. Your survival as a business owner also will depend on your capability to compel your customers to buy from your business every time.

Remember that any poor customer experience has potential to ruin your brand’s reputation, and if you do not resolve it, you may be out of the market forever. Your brand reputation matters a lot for putting your business at the forefront. Global companies pay heed to all aspects of maintaining a good reputation of their brand and spend huge budget to keep prestige of their products or services

Even if you are a small company with little financial resources at hand, make sure that you set aside a portion of funds for brushing up your brand’s image. This is important step to take for building a good relationship with your customers. If they are repeatedly buying from your company, you are moving forward in your niche market; otherwise, the road will be soon closed for you.

Here are the key points to consider when building your brand loyalty.

#1. Create a Great Customer Experience

Make sure that your customers do not face any issues when they visit your business to buy products or services. If they encounter problems and you do not immediately resolve, then they are unlikely to give you a second chance. They will simply change their loyalty by migrating to your competitors.

For better customer experience, use technology to your advantage. Ascertain data-driven personalization. An Infosys study says that 86 percent of consumers base purchasing decision on getting a personalized message from brands.

After your brand has built a good relationship with customers, it is time to employ user-generated profile platforms, such as autoGraph, for enabling customers to create, edit or delete their profile at will. This boosts customers’ confidence in a business as they can control the process using an icon-based user interface.

As you have access to customers’ profile, your company can use the data to gain valuable insights about their emotional reaction and preferences regarding the products or services you sell. In turn, this exercise will help you devise an effective customer experience.

#2. Create Great Graphic Design Material

You should never ignore the importance of graphic designs items such as logos, business cards, websites, etc in promoting your business and ultimately winning customers. Your company logo, for instance, is your opportunity to make a first and lasting memorable impression on your potential customers. Your business card can convey a message of your brand and the attributes it represents. Similarly, your stationery design, website design and even mobile app designs are actually your way to introduce your brand to the customers. So, creating impressive logos etc should be in your priority list for running a successful business.

If a business is unable to provide enough funds for creating a range of design items for marketing campaign, then crowdsource the work to platforms like Designhill to get the design work done at low prices. Since many designers will be working on design project, you are assured of receiving quality logos etc.

#3. Explore social media

Social media is your effective way to build brand loyalty. According to a study when a brand executive gives an opinion, people on social media listen carefully and it helps in generating more confidence in a company.

This means that your company executives should show appreciation for customers on varied social channels. Such customers become your brand ambassadors in the end. So, make sure that you replay customers’ queries with personalized message and comment on a social media in a friendly and amicable way to build relationships. If possible, surprise customers with occasional gifts.

Any acknowledgement on social media will bring more customers to your business. This proves to be a good PR exercise for promoting your company. Just show to customers that your company cares for them is willing to resolve their issues regarding products or services. This helps in highlighting your brand and separating it from the competition.

#4. Sell Personal Brand Image of Your Executives

Credibility of a company and business enhances when people get information about expertise of people working for the enterprise. People tend to have a great image of products or services of a company if they know that a brand’s executives are highly qualified officials. Therefore, let people know about CEOs or other executives of your company by spreading a word about their experience and qualification. Aligned them with your brand.

Moreover, while interacting with your customers on social media, inform them about the personalities you are interviewing next. Give your followers a sneak peek on how your company actually functions and how it deals with a range of issues to create trust. Let your followers have the notion that your company follows policy of transparency and nothing is hidden from them.

Make sure also that you create a convincing mission statement of your company. This measure is important to connect with your target audience on varied social platforms. Customers must know the core values of your company so that brand experts can communicate similar values from different marketing avenues.

Whatever you do to take your business to the market and target customers, make sure that you take them along with you. Your brand-building journey is incomplete with your valued customers having a trust in your business. You must do whatever it is possible to do within your means to build a close and personal relationship with them.

To conclude, brand loyalty is crucial to a company’s growth. But you should make consistent efforts on social media and other platforms to connect with your valued target customers for building a relationship.

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