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3 Lessons You Can Learn About Business From The Hacker Group Anonymous

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# 1. No System is Infallible

The hacker community is huge. But while there are far too many bad guys to count, most of them are really just amateurs. Sure, they cause a little damage here and there with automated tools, but their skills are laughable comparable to the real pros.

  • When it comes to groups like Anonymous, cracking a system is not a matter of if, but when.
  • With a long list of victims that includes government agencies and entertainment companies, the group’s work should serve as a reminder to all businesses that no system is 100% foolproof.
  • No matter what you do, you’re vulnerable to attacks, and the more sensitive your information, the greater the consequences.

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# 2. Security is an Ongoing Process

So now you know that your systems are vulnerable to groups like Anonymous. Does that mean you should just say the heck with it and let your guard down? Of course not.

  • It simply means that you need to accept that securing your systems, network, and data is a full-time job, one that never stops regardless of what so-called proven measures have been taken.
  • You must get it across to your security team that there is no silver bullet capable of putting an immediate end to all the threats. In addition to implementing the measures, you must actively monitor your infrastructure for signs of attacks and suspicious activity on a regular basis.

# 3. A Fast Response is Crucial

One of Anonymous’ most infamous hackings – of late at least, was its attack on Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART), which is a critical component of the San Francisco Bay Area transportation system. BART reportedly suffered from Anonymous attacks for nearly a week following the initial attack.

  • Now it is obvious that the agency could not stop the hackers, but it could have definitely responded faster in terms of identifying the source of the data leak and sealing the gap.
  • If your systems or data is compromised, your ability to quickly respond will determine just how much damage is incurred in the end.

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Anonymous has made a lot of victims lately, and something tells us that the group is far from being done. Right now, many organizations are probably just hoping they stay on its good side. While the chances of Anonymous targeting your systems are slim, that does not mean your data is less vulnerable. And although there may be no stopping the hackers completely, the lessons we learn from Anonymous can help us survive the worst IT security nightmares.

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