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10 Points to Consider When Hiring a Cleaner for Your Business Premises

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#1. Experience

First of all, you need to hire a cleaner that has the experience and knowledge required to make sure the cleaning is done properly. This means that any cleaner you hire will need to have experience working with different chemicals and will need to be able to undertake any cleaning work in a safe manner. You could also have a look at how long the cleaning company you are considering has been in business, just to get an idea of their level of experience.

#2. Trustworthiness

It’s important when running a business that all employees are background checked to make sure they are trustworthy enough to work within the premises, and this should also be considered for external workers that only come in to undertake odd jobs. Background checks will provide you with information on any criminal activity from a cleaner’s past, and other information that could make you wary. There is a fee involved for performing background checks, but it could be worth it in the long run and could actually save you money.

#3. References

Any reliable cleaner that has been offering their services for a while will have credible references that can be contacted. If the cleaner doesn’t have any references from current or previous jobs, then they are likely new or not as good as they say they are. It’s always important to contact references just to get an idea of the company’s overall ability and to see if they can be trusted.

#4. Qualifications

This could well fall into the experience category, but any cleaner that has any qualifications in the industry will be the better choice to hire because they have shown they have spent the time and money in getting the experience needed to undertake cleaning jobs within a workplace. This does not mean that cleaners without qualifications are going to do a bad job, it just means that cleaners with qualifications in the industry will likely know more about the job and the best tools to get the job done right.

#5. Other Certificates

You may also want to spend time looking at any additional certificates and qualifications a cleaner has. If you run a business that contains machinery, for example, then it could be wise to hire a cleaner that has certificates in health and safety and possibly first aid, just so they can treat other cleaners on site if anything should go wrong. If you are looking for industrial cleaners to work within a warehouse environment, then they may need certificates to be able to work with machinery too.

#6. Local Cleaning Business

There are a lot of commercial cleaners out there that offer a great service, but there is nothing wrong with hiring a local cleaning business in order to give back to the local community. There are benefits to doing this too, such as the fact the cleaners will likely live close to the business premises, meaning they are always going to be around for any emergency cleaning jobs if needed. You will also be able to get to know more about the cleaners and will possibly know someone local that can give them a good reference.

#7. Online Presence

The majority of cleaning businesses will have a website or at least be present on social media networks, and that will give you the advantage of seeing what they are able to offer. You will be able to have a look at their website for all of the above information, and you’ll be able to have a look at some of the work they have done in the past, giving you an idea of their overall cleaning ability. Their website and social media accounts will also likely have previous reviews from past and current clients that will give you a much better idea of their work ethics.

#8. Commercial Experience

As well as having cleaning experience domestically, it would be best to hire a cleaning business that has commercial experience, as it is a completely different atmosphere to working on a domestic contract. Cleaners will need to have experience working with different chemicals for a start, and will usually have to use professional equipment such as electric buffers to give hard surfaces a cleaner look.

#9. Contract Agreement

It would be very wise to hire a cleaning company that is willing to enter a contract for the services provided. This will protect you if a cleaner doesn’t turn up for some reason, as they will have to send out another cleaner sharpish to take over. This could also be a chance to gain other benefits in terms of price agreements.

#10. Insurance

One of the many important points to consider when hiring a cleaner for your business is to make sure they are covered by insurance should anything happen when they are undertaking jobs. They could damage some of their cleaning equipment or could even ruin hard surfaces by using the wrong chemicals, so it’s always important for you to make sure they are insured to cover the costs if anything goes wrong.

Hiring a cleaner to undertake any cleaning jobs on a business premises is a very good way to keep the premises clean and tidy for your employees and clients at all times, but you will need to consider the above points to make sure you are hiring a cleaner that is capable of doing the job efficiently and to a very good standard. Considering the above points may take extra time, but it will save you a lot of problems in the future.

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