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Great Group Holiday Ideas: The Superyacht

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If you and a small group of friends enjoy each other’s company, a superyacht holiday ticks all the boxes, with exotic locations like Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia, you can create your own route and experience the wonders of South East Asia. We are talking state-of-the-art luxury in a vessel that is designed for comfort, and with a friendly and professional crew, you can sit back and take in the panoramic scenery. You probably have never considered such a holiday, yet there are many good reasons to get together with your friends and plan the perfect getaway, as there are charter companies that hire yachts and superyachts on a daily or weekly basis.

Design Your Holiday

You and your group of friends can actually decide where you travel to and how long you stay, and with a 5-star superyacht and a professional crew from Simpson Yacht Charter, you can plan your route in South East Asia according to your preferences. The skipper is always happy to help regarding routes, as he would know all the quiet little bays where tourists never go and with his input, you can plan the perfect route. The first stage of the process would be about your route and stop off locations, and the very experienced skippers know these waters very well and can assist you with every aspect of the planning. This would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience sailing in a state-of-the-art superyacht that is designed for luxury travel and you get to choose your route.

Choice of Vessels

If you search online for an established yacht charter company, they would usually have a good selection of top-notch vessels that can accommodate 10-40 people, and one thing about superyachts is they are very spacious and designed with luxury leisure in mind.  You might be thinking that superyacht charter is exclusively for the rich and famous, yet if you crunch the numbers for 14 people (7 couples), you realise that it is very affordable when compared to other types of holiday. As you would expect, a superyacht is built to the highest standards and luxury is the name of the game, and the charter company’s website would have all the details of available vessels.

Customized in Every Way

Once you decide to charter a superyacht, you are free to select your very own menus, plus the bar will be very well stocked according to your tastes, allowing you to create a truly unique holiday experience that will remain etched in your memory forever. The skipper is happy to spend as much time as it takes to plan every detail of your voyage and with his in-depth local knowledge, you can plan the trip of a lifetime. Bring your favorite playlist and a few DVDs, as the yacht has a state-of-the-art sound system and full-on home theatre, ideal for those rainy afternoons.


This idyllic tropical island on the south coast of Thailand is one of the most popular locations from which to embark on a superyacht holiday, with the Andaman Sea right on your doorstep, you can observe amazing marine life in the warm tropical waters. You can snorkel with Whale sharks, which is a truly unique experience, plus the yacht has all the toys one would expect for serious fun in the water. Phuket is the perfect base, as there are many exciting locations nearby, and a run along the coast of southern Malaysia is really something else. You could sail over to Koh Pan Gan or Koh Samui, which is only 2-3 hours from Phuket and the Bay of Thailand is host to an abundance of marine life.

Unique Marine Life

Cruising the Andaman Sea brings opportunities to snorkel with Whale Sharks and experience a range of marine life including dolphins and sailfish. Your captain knows where to drop anchor if you want to immerse yourself in the unique underwater world, and you can stay as long as you want. If you are into jet skis, you can spend a few hours at one of the resort beaches where you can also paraglide if you wish.

All Inclusive Price

When you charter a superyacht, everything will be included in the price:

  • Mooring fees and taxes
  • Food & drink
  • Fuel
  • Professional crew
  • Tailored menu
  • Fully stocked bars

You have exclusive use of all the facilities, which include the hot tub, use of all amenities and every cabin has full en-suite facilities.

If you would like to browse a selection of 5-star superyachts, search online for an established yacht charter company and you and a group of friends can book a holiday of a lifetime. You should start looking at vessels a few months prior to your planned trip, and once all details are recorded, there’s nothing left to do except turn up.

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