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How PRTECH Reformers Are Disrupting the European Startup Ecosystem

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The PR industry in Europe is undergoing a major transformation amid the economic convulsions of recent months. This evolution is facilitated by a number of players who have taken a hybridized approach to reach customers. Now more than ever before, non-traditional PR methods have led the reformation of the industry and have paid dividends for them and their clients. In this article, we will look at some of the changes and trends 2020 will bring and the actors responsible for this change. But first, let’s remind ourselves what the benefits of PR are.

What are the main goals of PR?

Public relations serve your brand in a number of ways. Among other things, PR helps to:

  •   Increase brand awareness.
  •   Improve brand reputation
  •   Widen your audience.
  •   Increase investment opportunities

Thankfully, with the world struggling to overcome the overwhelming Covid-19 pandemic, PR professionals are ingeniously coming up with creative ideas for pitches. And with brands demanding more, this surge will invariably accelerate the need for PR practitioners to assume much of the functions more commonly associated with digital agencies (amplification and SEO) in the same way that these agencies have increasingly been introducing a PR element to their service offering.

3 Paradigm Shifts Underlining the Evolution of the PR Industry in 2020

  1. Growing PRTech Ecosystem

With the Ad Tech ecosystem now solidly in place, wouldn’t we be wise as investors and innovators to look to another critical frontier of the marketing automation puzzle: PR? The PR industry is tipped to grow from $13 billion in 2015 to $85 billion in 2020. This spike in revenue figures is an allusion to the widespread acceptance of social media for cooperating marketing as well as associated uptrends in cybersecurity, cloud technology, SEO, and video content. But, with massive acceptance comes a massive problem: overcrowding. How does a start-up get in front of its prospective customers when competitors are seemingly endless? This means that there is huge potential in combining intent data with high-quality, targeted business contact data to enable marketers to truly take their marketing campaigns of their clients to the next level and improve their efficiency as well as their return on investment. PR is the bridge between teeming customers and profit-maximizing companies.

One way PR companies achieve this is through sponsored content marketplaces like PRNEWS.IO. PRNEWS.IO is a sponsored content marketplace that creates an all-in-one service for creating and sharing news, press releases, and stories. Essentially, the platform enables PR experts to distribute information about upcoming company events to the news feeds of large numbers of leading media organizations in their portfolio. PRNEWS.IO has millions of users from over 200 countries. They are also linked to 6,000 publications in 53 different languages.

PRNEWS.IO’ proprietary algorithm is designed to collect, analyze, and interpret data, which allows identifying key PR metrics and indicators rather than relying on subjective determinations of performance.

  1. Demand for Social Media Ads

Social media is now a necessity. User-generated content and influencers – who have won the heart and soul of their followers – have taken over the social media space, churning out content on a daily basis and prompting big-name companies to rely on digital marketers to leverage social media for most of their lead generation and communications strategy. 

Facebook – the biggest country on earth – has now become an advertising behemoth that commands a considerable chunk of the digital marketing budget of the most aggressive startups in the world. In the same vein, TikTok has also grown exponentially, with its creative users gathering millions of subscribers, leading ad campaigners to splurge on the platform. Advertising with immersive ads is a tried and trusted strategy that ensures that your audience resonates with your brand, enabling it to achieve enduring brand loyalty and trust. Thankfully, no one comes close to creating well-optimized and compelling ads than ViisTek.

ViisTek is an innovative digital marketing company that specializes in media and social marketing that guarantees that your brand is light-years ahead of the competition. With its mobile and tablet marketing functionality, your brand can get closer to your customers through their mobile devices. Don’t you just wish that more people on the social media space are ordering your products, subscribing to your newsletters, and purchasing one of your premium packages?  ViisTek is renowned for its laser-sharp, smart-device-adaptable advertising strategies that generate more revenue for your business. Rely on ViisTek for your campaign targeting and optimization needs.

  1. Focus on Storytelling

In 2020, consumers are showing high responsiveness to newsworthy content combined with sound ads from well-regarded brands. Storytelling is has proven that consumers will only consume PR content if the product is delivered with a compelling narrative.

Building a digital marketing campaign with a powerful storyline is a long-term strategy that ensures that your audience resonates with your brand, enabling it to achieve brand loyalty and trust. Content marketing, like a successful investment, has compounding returns that add up in time. The more high-quality, strategic content you make, the higher the returns will be.

Speaking of strategy, Pinkston is a public relations heavyweight that has mastered the art of storytelling to help clients in a diverse range of industry plug find their voice and fine-tune their communications to enable them garners sales while preventing perception crises. They are renowned for reimaging big companies and start-ups so that they continue to demonstrate strength, resilience, and customer-centricity to command the respect of their customers and earn their trust. This is particularly important during global crises when one misstep can create cause customers to escalate and lose faith in the company. Create and control your story today with Pinkston.

Summing It Up

There is no better time than now to tap into the full potential of PR. Developments in 2020 such as artificial intelligence for behavioral insights on customers, SEO for keyword optimization, sponsored content marketing, influencer marketing, among others have been widely adopted by PR pros, with stellar results. With the adoption of a solid PR strategy, visionary investors who realize these potentials are guaranteed to remain on top now and when normalcy is restored.

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