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Filing an Injury Claim Against a Company

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Filing a personal injury claim against a company is more complex than filing a claim against an individual. Claims against companies require claimants to be more prepared. Before you begin the claims process, it is imperative that you gather enough evidence, and meet all of the requirements before you contact the business or its insurance provider.

An established personal injury lawyer at Fasig and Brooks recommends that you hire an attorney that has verifiable experience filing claims against businesses and commercial entities. Elsewise, you may be at a disadvantage. Learn more about filing an injury claim against a company below.

Claims Against a Company for Product Defects

Defective products cause injuries all the time. Before you begin the claims process for injuries sustained as a result of product defects, you will need evidence that the product caused your injury. Furthermore, it is typically required that you prove that you were using the product how it was intended to be used as outlined by the manufacturer.

Obtaining and proving your claim can be difficult without the help of a personal injury attorney. In most cases, businesses have dealt with similar claims in the past. This means that they are well prepared to defend themselves and are ready to discount your claims.

Premises Liability Claims Against a Compan

If you are injured while on the property of a business, it is recommended that you immediately notify a manager or supervisor on duty to make them aware of the injuries that you have sustained. Immediately seek medical attention after the injury occurs and keep all medical bills and documentation of your injuries. Examples of premises liability claims include:

  • Slip and Fall Accidents
  • Improper or lacking maintenance on the property
  • Defective elevators, escalators, or doors
  • Pool Accidents
  • Exposed Wires
  • Injuries From falling Debris
  • Lack of Appropriate Security
  • Accidents Caused by Fire
  • Exposure to Toxic Fumes or Chemicals
  • Animal Attacks

After an injury has occurred, it is recommended that you obtain the contact information of any eyewitnesses on the scene at the time of the accident. Furthermore, collect evidence such as pictures and videos of the conditions that caused the accident if possible. If you wait too late to obtain evidence, the issue may be quickly fixed and then your claim will be based solely on your word against the word of the business.

Additionally, get the contact information of the business’s insurance provider. However, it is in your best interest to connect with an experienced personal injury lawyer before you make contact with the insurance company.

Should You Connect With an Attorney?

You are not required to hire a personal injury lawyer. However, filing a personal injury claim against a corporation without the help of an attorney can leave you vulnerable in many ways. An attorney has the experience to conduct investigations, gather the appropriate evidence, vet and interview eyewitnesses, and send compelling demand letters to insurance providers.

The insurance company hopes that you will enter into negotiations without an attorney. This scenario gives them the best opportunity to bully you into taking less compensation than you deserve. When filing a personal injury claim with the help of a proven lawyer, the insurance company knows that you are serious about receiving maximum compensation and will think twice before making a low ball offer.

Most personal injury lawyers do not charge fees unless they win your case. They also typically offer a free initial consultation. Thus, it is usually in your best interest to take advantage of a free consultation at the very minimum.More information about legal advice in case of personal injuries you can get at, a useful online resource.

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