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Google Ads Management During the COVID-19 Global Pandemic

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The sars-like disease, COVID-19, has turned into a global crisis affecting public health and the economy. Small and big businesses have felt abrupt changes in their marketing performance due to the pandemic.

If you use Google Ads to promote or sell your business, you’ve probably noticed the sudden changes. The worldwide pandemic has implied change and adjustments in consumer behaviors. Customers turn to online news and search for answers to their inquiries and solutions to their needs. 

For some, these new behaviors are drawing new consumers to their sites. However, for others, the results are not as good, plus, they might need to change their campaign strategies. For a little help, here’s how you can manage your Google Ads confidently amidst the pandemic.

Value Proposition And Messaging

Companies, like Google Ads Management in Brisbane, can change to sell different services or products that are needed in these times. The question is, can your service or product be regarded as essential or a priority today?

The major trends for shifting value propositions and messaging are medical services, entertainment, family togetherness, homeschooling, working from home, and social distancing. If you think your service or product applies to these areas, resort into a short-termed plan to endorse these resources. 

What’s more, consider moving into online consulting or services, and administering online webinars or workshops. Furthermore, check the ongoing campaigns and find out if the messaging is still an excellent fit. 

Look Up the New Search Terms

During this pandemic, Google reports that there are many search terms for phrases and words such as “delivery” and “online shopping.” With that said, try to ponder where your business can use some of the search terms to draw traffic to your site. 

Budget Versus Spend

Now is the best time to reassess your budgets and appease it with your spendings. For sure, you’d want to put your budgets into those services and products that are more relevant during this crisis. 

Also, you’ll want to invest your money in the best possible marketing campaigns to get optimal results. Well, take the time to evaluate budget vs. actual spend to pinpoint holes in your budget that might not have been used throughout the year. 

Then, shift it to the campaigns that need the most budget. Relying upon the platform, rather than daily budgets, think about setting monthly or annual spend limits to manage your spendings in the campaign better. 

Convey Your Benefits

When your consumer benefits have changed, ensure that your advertisement copy shows those changes. For example, if you are providing porch drop-off or curbside pickup, now is the best time to make certain that your copy shows that. 

Keep in mind that it can be frustrating and upsetting for your customers to look you up online, search your ads, visit your website, and it does not bespeak the current pandemic. You can make use of your paid ads to showcase the various ways you are defying the crisis and the best ways you are serving your consumers.

Keep Your Brand Presence

Nobody knows how long this COVID-19 pandemic will last. However, many people hope that maybe by August or September, we can all get back to our works, etc., or some sort of new normal. 

If you have formerly used Google Ads, you mustn’t lose your brand presence, especially through the worldwide pandemic. Consider adjusting your budget, yet try keeping a few of your top search terms so that you can recover afterward, and it will not take you a long time to bounce back. 

Search Behavior

Although we are practicing social or physical distancing, consumers will still be searching and buying online. That said, convey what products can be delivered or shipped virtually and turn-around times for the delivery.

Make use of ad extensions or ad copy to convey benefits such as fast delivery, cash on delivery, free delivery, curbside pickup, and more. Moreover, relying on your industry makes it more likely that you’ll notice some major or minor changes in search queries stirring up your ads. 

This will need two approaches, namely, reactive and proactive. Reactive refers to reviewing search queries and displaying campaign placements for coronavirus content and keywords. On the other hand, proactive refers to predicting searches that could stir up your ads and make adverse keyword lists that can be easily updated. 

Furthermore, think of search terms such as homeschooling and vaccine if you are a B2B.


With the unfortunate spread of the COVID-19, the advertising landscape has taken a sudden change. Today, we are now seeing lots of commerce closing down all over the world. As an advertiser, you can turn this pandemic into your advantage and be patient, creative, and brave, promoting your products and services. Try different ad props and messaging to and find out where you can see the best results. 

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