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The Best IFISAs Available Now for UK Businesses

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In this article, we have compiled a list of the best Innovative Finance Individual Savings Accounts, or IFISA, providers in the UK market.

Best IFISA Providers 


Just like many other peer to peer lending IFISA provider, Kuflink provides you with the opportunity to invest in loans which are secured against property. Usually, these loans are made to developers who need short to medium term bridge loans. Kuflink offers three types of investments: ‘auto-invest’, ‘Select-invest’, and ‘IFISA’.

Essentially the IFISA is a select-invest product in a tax-free wrapper. It offers returns of up to 7% every year. There is also a choice of three different terms, 1-year options with 5% return, a 3-year option with a 6.1% return, and a 5-year option with a 7% return. Among all the three options, the IFISA is the most attractive option as its rates are higher and there is greater protection in place against the loss.


One of the oldest and popular platforms is Zopa which was established in the year 2004. The company has lent more than £3.9 billion to people. It offers two types of investment, including Zopa Core and Zopa Plus. With the former, you can expect 4.5% of return, and with the latter, you can expect 5.2% of the return. The company splits up your funds into chunks across a wide variety of loans. With Zopa IFISA, you can receive a monthly income, or you can sell your investment to other investors with a 1% fee.

Lending Works

With lending works, you can earn tax-free interest through IFISA, by lending money to creditworthy and approved individuals. You get all the added benefits which peer to peer ISA brings. The company offers two terms: a 3-year loan with a 5.0% return and a 5-year loan with a 6.5% return. You can receive repayments as monthly income, or you can automatically reinvest them for maximum returns. You can easily open your IFISA account with just one step. Furthermore, the company allows you to transfer your existing P2P ISA for maximum returns. Transfer does not count towards your annual ISA allowance, and it can help you access the best ISA interest rates.

Funding Circle

The funding circle IFISA allows you to earn interest tax-free by lending loans to UK businesses. Through this, you can earn attractive returns without the volatility which can occur when investing in equities or shares. Funding circle allows you to directly lend to and get the returns you need as the borrowers repay you every month. With funding circle, you can earn 7% of tax-free interest. There is also an auto-bid tool that allows you to lend interest rates automatically at the funding circle depend on the loan term and the risk band. Furthermore, at the funding circle, you can sell your loan parts to other investors through the auto-sale tool which automatically selects which loan part can make up the value of money which you would like to access.


Ratesetter has lent loans worth 3 billion to individuals and businesses. This company provides you with three investment options to choose from. A rolling market option with a 2.8% return, a 1-year market option with a 4.2% return, and a 5-year market option with a 5.9% return. With the rolling market option and the 5-year market option, you can earn monthly interest. With the 1-year option, you can get both capital and interest back at the end of the loan term. Ratesetter allows you to access funds early but at a fee of 0.3% for a 1-year option and 1.5% fee for the 5-year option.

Lending Crowd

The lending crowd has supported the business by lending over 50 million since it was founded in 2014. The company offers a different investment option. With the growth of its IFISA and income IFISA, the company will allocate your money to at least 20 businesses, both with the expected return of 6%. However, the minimum investment has to be £1,000. The lending crowd provides a self-select option through which you can select loans and can charge them interest up to 14.25%.


Abundance was founded in 2012, and since then it has been lending loans to green companies that are involved in housing, energy generation, and other projects. When you invest, you can pick the investments which have a different level of risk, duration, and return.


The platform was established in 2014, and since then it has lent out over 251 million in mortgages which means that your funds are backed by assets. You invest funds, and the platform will allocate it to a portfolio of mortgages for you. Landbay has a fixed rate option with a return of 3.54%. The tracker rate option has expected returns of 3.25%. With Landbay you can earn income monthly. You can also sell your investment to other investors.

Assetz Capital

Assetz is one of the biggest Innovative Finance ISA in the UK. It has earned over 62.5 million in interest. The platform offers a wide variety of investments. Quick access, property secured 30-day, and great British business accounts. Through these options, Assetz invests your funds for you with the interest rates that range from 4.1% to 6.25%. With the manual lending option, you can pick the investments, and you can set up the rate to 11.5%.

With Assetz’s 30-day and quick access accounts, you can withdraw your money and can sell your investments to other investors.

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