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Basics of Every Door Direct Mail

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According to a recent report released by the Postal System of United States, the aim of every door direct mail (EDDM) is to allow corporations and small businesses to send a direct mail to a mailbox within a specific area. This area can be specified with the help of Zip code or radius around an address.

Types of business can benefit more from EDDM

If the product or service of your business serves the local community and appeals to both households and individual customer, EDDM can be an effective and inexpensive solution to make your presence known in the market. In fact, this even helps to increase in footfalls and phone calls if you make it out in a proper way. EDDM works mainly for local businesses such as:

  • Pizzerias and small meal takeaways
  • Laundromat services
  • Legal support
  • Accounting, tax and financial services
  • Taxi service

Reasons why EDDM will work for you

  1. Marketing at a niche level

As it is mentioned that EDDM works really well at local level marketing, a perfect example can be of the announcement of a new pizzeria in town. Suppose the owner is not a professional market and therefore he does not have enough budget or time to put together a marketing campaign. Under this circumstance, only EDDM will prove to be the most efficient and quickest way for this pizzeria owner to let everyone know in two miles of radius about the opening of a new outlet.

  1. No list of mailers required

If you have a franchise and you possess three stores, each serving their own local communities, your main marketing aim is to ensure that everyone in your vicinity knows all about the store such as the address, special offers, contact information, and house operation if any. Since every EDDM service does not require a mailer list, you can easily send a direct mail to every single residence in the town. Moreover, there is also no requirement for a postal permit as it helps to save your money in applications and yearly fee.

  1. Send a billboard to every door with EDDM

The general size of an EDDM is 6.25 x 9 inch which is enough to cover a particular product or service by using several illustrations, graphics, coupons or anything that makes a sense to include in the direct mail piece.

   4. Low-cost giveaways

With an extremely low cost, EDDM is a perfect tool to give out discount coupons, event sales and announce specials. Therefore, spruce up brand marketing by offering attractive neighborhood coupons.

  1. Setup is a breeze

EDDM takes only a few steps to put together. Once your postcards are printed, tie them into bundles with facing slip and then deliver them to the post office with payment for postage.  This will not only make your task easy but also be easy on your pocket.

Tips before you start off

 In order to establish your business in the market, you must arm yourself with some useful tips on how you can use this technique effectively to spread out your marketing efforts. Read on to know what they are:

  • Set Campaign Goals

You must set goals for your EDDM postcard marketing campaign and what you want it to achieve. This will help you make good decisions regarding the rest of your campaign set-up.

  • Choose the correct mailing area

Check out your customers’ history or database and try to find where most of your potential customers come from. This is definitely a useful way to find out the best initial mailing areas.

  • Develop your promotion

When it comes to postcard marketing, you have to develop a special offer targeted exclusively to your mailing list in order to maximize your return on investment.

  • Create designer postcards

Staying vigorous in the design process will help in achieving your business goals. You must work at per with designers because only you know your customers better than anyone else. Moreover, a designer only knows the material and information they have to work with.

  • Incorporate compelling images

Photos, graphics, and illustrations that are funny and intriguing easily get noticed by people.

  • Keep it consistent

EDDM is not a program that you blast out once and then jump to conclusions on its success or failure. It is a process that takes time to establish and get results.

  • Choose the right digital printer

Choose your digital printer carefully and make sure you know what you need to do with the finished material. If you don’t have a trusted printing company, you must compare with other reputed competitors to decide what one will best suit their printing needs and preferences.

  • Know your customers’ income level and spreading habit

Each neighborhood area may have different demographics, income level as well as spreading patterns. If you use wrong zip code or geographical area of the neighborhood, then your entire campaign may go in vain without showing you any fruitful result.

  • Set a budget

You must find out the average costs involved in an EDDM campaign before you proceed toward setting a budget. This will help you to meet your marketing goals.

  • Always be inviting

EDDM can easily target your customers to your business and therefore you must use it for inviting recipients to any type of social events such as clearance sale, holiday party, wine tasting or even product announcement.

  • Highlight customer benefits

Create a desire by letting your customers know how their lives can be better by responding to your postcard.

Therefore, if you are thinking about starting a small business, hire a business printing company that can offer you marketing support such as EDDM and print design options to aid you in sending the emails to your target customers at affordable prices. This is an effective business tool which is now used in both small and large business organizations. In the USA, most of the marketers use this tool to reach out to their target customers.

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